Interesting KickStarter Projects

I’ve backed many Kickstarter projects over the years including a few that are toy related: Crazy Arms, Adaptalux and MouseGuard to name a few. These three campaigns have been an asset to my own creativity and I’m grateful to the Kickstarter platform for helping my fellow creative’s realize their dreams.

Full Disclosure

In the interest of full disclosure I want to let you know that I will now be shilling promoting a little company called CrazyBricks. In many ways I already do this for the LEGO Group with every photo I post, but now I am being more upfront about it.

The Future is Now

The other day I wrote about motivation and how to find it (or keep it). One example I used was experimenting with a funky lens, the other was getting new subject matter, like new toys, to photograph. This past weekend was our local LEGO convention BrickCon. This is the one weekend a year when 20,000+ …