Happy jANTMANuary fellow toy photographers! We love starting the year with #jANTMANuary photos since it is a simple and wide-open way to get creative with your toys and camera. We are featuring some of our favorite staff Ant-Man pics like the one above and all the pics below by our staff and community. Make sure to check out even more jANTMANuary posts in our MeWe community and we would love to see yours, so make sure to tag us on social media!

Take some pictures of Ant-Man in real-life surroundings and tag them #jantmanuary_2024 and we can’t wait to see how creative you get.

2024 jANTMANuary

Another year and another photo of Ant-Man skateboarding in my apartment. This year I decided to run with Ant-Man running away from me down the hall. Photo by Matt McDonald / @equalmotion.

“Hey, look at me! I’m the Flash!” Great captured by Stellan Johansson aka @casualgamer_swe.

Ant-Man’s worst nightmare – the vacuum cleaner. Photo by Zoran Pesic @bricktoygrapher

“What!? You SAID you want to try to record ants’ footsteps this year!” Photo by Stellan Johansson @casualgamer_swe

2023 jANTMANuary

Photo by Matt McDonald / @equalmotion.

While Matt works at his desk Ant-Man skateboards around his apartment as Leo the pup chases him.

Photo by Tomek Lasek / @TomekSkog

Ant-Man diving into playing the piano.

Photo by Arvin C.

“Oh, c’mon! First day of 2023 and this happens!? I thought you said Happy New Year?!”

Photo by Janan Lee / @spideygoeshygge
LEGO Ant-Man lurks on the window sill. Photo by Shelly Corbett @shellycorbettphotography

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2022 jANTMANuary Photos

Photo by Matt McDonald

My trusty Nikon D500 broke on the last day of 2021, which means I started 2022 off with a new camera and the Nikon Z 6 II. It’s been amazing, so far and served as a great way for me to start off 2022 with a creative photo showcasing my new camera and participating in #jANTMANuary.

Photo by Alan Rappa

The Antman skateboard sessions didn’t stop there and the little dude got some sweet sink grinds in while Alan Rappa was brushing his teeth.

Photo by Alan Rappa

After shredding the gnar in Alan’s sink Ant-Man went on the hunt for breakfast. If you are interested in seeing the settings behind this photo check out Alan’s Instagram post.

Photo by Adam Burke

Adam Burke started off slidin’ into the New Year with Ant-Man and this is one of our favorite captures of the year so far. It’s a super fun and clean image to say the least.

Photo by Adam Burke

Gi-AntMan was channeling his inner Dani Rojas at EPCoT. Adam snapped this quick pic walking out of the park and then turned it into this image on Ant-Man about to play some futbol.

Photo by Joshua T. Kittleson

A creative capture and piece of advice by Joshua “Take a minute, find a happy place, and chill” conveyed in a Ant-Man photo.

Photo by Joshua T. Kittleson

I said DOUBLE A batteries! We know the feeling.

Ant-Man meets Bingo the lovebird
Photo by Oliver Peterson, @oliversees

Ant-Man meets Bingo the lovebird.

Community jANTMANuary Photos

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