Judge Me by My Size, Do You? (A jANTMANuary Story)

In celebration of the Fifth Annual #jANTMANuary photo challenge, we present to you a Six Image Narrative from one of the founders. Details about this fun toy photo contest (and the prizes!) can be found at @jantmanuary on Instagram.

Time to Fly
One Cool Ant
The Thinking Ant
Don’t You Wish You Had Wings
Gotta Get My Steps In
Ant-Man’s Best Friend

~ a Six Image Narrative by @DoctorNvrmore

Join in the fun!

Follow @jantmanuary and the #jantmanuary_2020 hashtag on Instagram for info about the contest and prizes.

Your Ant-Man photos also qualify for the ToyPhotographers.com MeWe theme and contest, which Shelly mentioned in her wrap-up about the MeWe “Family” challenge. Include the hashtag #tp_realworld2020 on MeWe to participate in that.


  1. Janan

    Oh the silhouette and framing in the first image is beautiful, especially the line work in the wings that contrast through the backlight.

    JANTmanuary has to be my fave month in the toy photography calendar!

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