Captain’s log, day 497. Asteroid field ahead.

Interior of the 10497 Galaxy Explorer space ship
An asteroid stuck on the 10497 Galaxy Explorer space ship prow
Two classic Lego space spacemen removing the asteroid from the spaceship's prow
Lego classic space spacemen with message in the bottle
10497 Galaxy Explorer space ship swooshing through the hyperspace
10497 Galaxy Explorer team is rescuing an orange spaceman from the floating asteroid.

Captain’s log, entry No. 928.
I took command of the LL928, which I had to build myself first. It’s a very well-thought-out, solid, and at the same time elegent construction. And the LL928 is huge. When I built it, I couldn’t believe how big this ship is. It sat on the kitchen table for three days, and every time I looked at it, I waited for it to shrink or at least become smaller optically. No way. It’s huge. And very, very swooshable!

Thanks to LEGO for sending us this set for tests!

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