Greeting Earthlings. My name is Zsolt and I’m very new to your world. I’ve travelled for a long time from my home planet of Thordor to start a new life on this beautiful planet of yours. I’ve had a lot of amazing firsts since landing here which has given me much joy. But I’m sad to say that I see some of the same things happening with your world as it did with mine before I left.  

I’m hoping that that we can all work together in making this beautiful planet healthy again. Won’t you join me?

Not again.
Making your voice heard.
Making a difference.

Learning the art of visual storytelling

I’ve been photographing Zsolt, for much of 2022 as part of a 52 week photography project. My goal is to use the same toy for all 52 photographs in the project. This has been an interesting challenge. As Zsolt mentioned above, he’s had a lot of firsts while traveling on Earth. When I started this project my only goal was to create a pretty picture, many of this ‘firsts’ that Zsolt mentioned. But since taking a Storytelling workshop with Shelly Corbett, I’m focusing on creating a story with each picture. 

Part of my storytelling journey is to create a Six Image Narrative with Zsolt and his quest for healthy world and a new life. Ive combined a few images from earlier this year with a few images created specifically for this story. I’ve realized that the storytelling is a process of changing and refining. While I’m pleased with these six images I want to rework them and expand on my story. Since my 52 week challenge goes into the spring of 2023, I have plenty of ideas and time to rework and add to my story.  

Now that I’ve finished Shelly’s Storytelling Workshop I have many thoughts on how I want to improve my story. In the mean time I hope you enjoy Zsolt’s most recent adventure!


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