Immigrants and refugees are part of the fabric of society across the globe. While they bring their culture with them, they are also exposed the local culture and face the pressure of adapting. Invariably there is culture shock in the new world.

The new world is full of experiences that, while commonplace to the locals, are completely foreign to people from other countries. I appreciate the reminder that the culture that I have grown up in is far from boring. When viewed through the eyes of someone seeing it for the first time, it is fascinating and wonderful.

On the other hand, I also wonder if all of our culture is worth adopting. The pressure of consumerism in North America can be overwhelming. Navigating the line between tradition and acceptance is a serious challenge.

There was very little cultural diversity where I grew up. However, this has changed considerably over the past 20 years. Even in small rural towns like my own, a broad spectrum of cultures rubbing shoulders on a daily basis has become the norm.

And so I decided to explore my local culture from the point of view of a recently emigrated Tusken Raider family diving headlong into the wilds of North America. As they deal with culture shock in the new world I hope you enjoy their adventures.

culture shock in the new world
culture shock in the new world
Culture Shock in the New World
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