Toy photography is an amazing way to get creative with so many possibilities.

I used to work in the skateboarding industry and a lot of my friends like to joke I went from taking photos of people on skateboards to taking photos of toys on skateboards. It’s true and I gotta tell you the toy skateboarding photos are a lot less painful to capture. I used to take a lot of photos for the skateboard world. I even took photos of myself skateboarding on an occasion. The photo below for Sector 9 took about 30 tries to get right. My feet hurt just thinking about it.

When I worked in the skateboard world I used to squeeze in some toy photos like the one below for Cloud Ride Wheels even.

Now I skateboard a bit for fun and mainly capture photos of toys skateboarding. We should take over the #skateboardingtoys from the finger board/tech deck skateboard enthusiasts and I am going to be looking for more photos from that hash tag to add to this post. Overall it’s fun to combine your different hobbies and get creative. I’d love to see your toy skateboarding pics to add to this post and I will be adding more soon too. Make sure to tag your photos with #skateboardingtoys for a chance at a feature and maybe even a chance to win a prize in a future contest.

My new dog Leo is scared of sewer grates and the sound of skateboard wheels, so I brought in an expert.
Ant-Man shredding in my bathroom sink.
Yoda relaxing after a long day of using the force.
Yoda teaches Grogu to skateboard while Mando takes photos.
Spider-Man with the boardslide.
Donatello with the kickflip.
Goku pushing along on this skateboard.
Trunks working on his manual skills.
Megatron doesn’t turn into a car, so a skateboard comes in handy sometimes.
The Super7 Michaelanglo. You can cans see a stop-motion animation of this turtle skateboarding HERE.

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