The Olympics are a big enough deal in my house that if my Wife suggested we forgo Christmas and do full blown Olympic celebrations instead, it would not surprise me at all. And since LEGO put out a very timely figure with the male ice skater, it was a forgone conclusion that I would be doing some Olympic-themed shots!

My original thought was to make a literal ice rink for the LEGO, but as I started planning that, I realized I don’t always shoot fast enough to get what I need before the melting begins. So instead I went with glass on white card stock and I was even able to find glass that kind of looked like skated-on ice at Hobby Lobby to hopefully add the appropriate effect of a real, used rink. Add some rings real quick and TA-DA! Olympic Ice!

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Quick test to verify all will go as planned!

I don’t do a lot of photo editing, so I tend to adjust things until you can no longer see the props, and my supporting item was a chopstick that fit perfectly into the stud hole (new insult?) to suspend the female skater in the air, hopefully mid twist.

A peek behind the curtain

After setting up the lights, camera, and “wall” with the Olympic rings, I was good to go!

The general toy photography rule is: Shoot low! Unfortunately, that means the rings under the ice are not featured. A bummer, but I know they’re there, so I’m happy.

The final product:

I am pretty happy with my shot and the ice!

I also found some hockey rink card stock at a local craft store, and picked it up on the chance I could use it for LEGO. Turns out it is nearly perfectly scaled for minifigs!

I’d say it worked pretty well, just don’t slip!