A six-image narrative by Herdstar (@twentyninecreativestudio).

Night of the Jokers 1 by Herdstar
The night was already in full swing when Bank Robber Joker arrived.
Night of the Jokers 2 by Herdstar
I think Harley Quinn had a little too much juice.
Night of the Jokers 3 by Herdstar
Oops, this Joker is about to lose a fight with gravity.
Night of the Jokers 4 by Herdstar
We all know someone like the Joker. But he’s still laughing!
Night of the Jokers 5 by Herdstar
The joke’s on them.
Night of the Jokers 6 by Herdstar
And a great night was had by all. Goodnight!

“I love taking photos of toys. I have been photographing them for a few years now. It’s a passionate hobby I want to expand on and take further. I am an artist, a visualiser and storyteller through my images,” Herdstar says, commenting on the art of toy photography. See more work by Herdstar at @twentyninecreativestudio.