I invite you to join Sabrina (@theperrylegoadventures) and me for a month of monochrome toy photography called: #tp_backtomonochrome. We will talk about our results as well as a few of our favorite submissions under the #tp_backtomonochrome hashtag on our next podcast discussion. I hope you will join us in discovering the joys and frustrations of black and white toy photography.

Why black and white?

Why ditch the color for black and white? Because black and white photography offers you creative options not found in color photography.

These are:

  • When you photograph in black and white you focus on the compositional elements of a photo.
  • Color, especially colorful toys, can distract the viewer from the story you’re trying to tell.
  • By photographing in black and white you can disengage from the “reality” of color. You have more creative freedom.
  • You can strengthen the mood of an image by using black and white. Strong blacks and a varied tonal range can focus the viewer’s attention in a different way than color.
  • Finally, a monochrome image will feel timeless. Black and white imagery has a historic feel that can add another layer to your imagery.


Sabrina and I will be exploring how shooting black and white photos influences our photographic choices. What toys will we use? What stories will we tell? Does changing the camera setting to be monochrome change how we think about the final image? Whatever happens, we will explore our experiences during our next podcast discussion.

I hope you will join Sabrina and I on this month-long black and white photography adventure. If you need an even bigger photographic challenge, create a black and white photo of your toys on vacation and join the #bbts_tpgiveaway! Talk about a creative challenge! Perfect for my friends who love to hashtag stack!

Don’t forget to tag your images #tp_backtomonochrome during the month of July. We will close submissions for the podcast on July 22nd, so don’t delay! But don’t worry, you can tag your photos with this tag anytime. We want to see your best monochrome images!


To get your creativity flowing here are a few examples from our MeWe community.