I never considered myself as MOC* (My Own Creation) LEGO builder. I’ve made only a few simple constructions for photographic needs. That’s why I was amazed when, during a recent internet surf session, I encountered this MOC or rather HOC* (Her/His Own Creation)—an acronym I made ad hoc—because it’s not my construction.

A Rebrickable.com user named emil_mu made a wonderful MOC from the LEGO 31109 Creator 3-in-1 Pirate Ship set I reviewed few weeks ago. It’s a Star Wars landspeeder but made with a pirate aesthetic! That’s arrsome!

A long time ago on th’ island far, far away…

I couldn’t hold back and and decided to make this set, especially since emil_mu shares the instructions for this MOC for free. Thanks, buddy!
Also the timing of this MOC is spot-on—we got two great pirate sets this year and LEGO just released the Mos Eisley Cantina set, and Mos Eisley was the background of the famous scene with landspeeder from Star Wars IV: A New Hope, which I decided to recreate using this cute alternative set.

*MOC – My Own Creation, a term to describe any unique self-designed LEGO model
*HOC – Her/His Own Creation, a term to describe any unique LEGO model, designed by somebody else 😉

The sand

It was a really windy day in Sopot, I mean on Mos Isle, so the sand was literally everywhere. And I can definitely agree with Anakin, when he said:

I don’t like sand. It’s coarse and rough and irritating and it gets everywhere

Anakin Skywalker

So please don’t pay attention to the sand that is ubiquitous in these photos. Just move along.

The vessel

As you can see in the photos, the landspeeder model has been designed with attention to detail, such as cannons in the place of the engines, a windows in the rear of the fuselage or a pirate chest compartment. On the one hand, the silhouette of the vehicle immediately brings Star Wars to mind. On the other hand, the colors and details instantly create a pirate atmosphere.


The tent

The emil_mu alternate set also includes a small building or tent that one might associate with Tusken construction, assuming they were pirates, of course. It’s a small building, but it’s also enriched with cool details. In addition, it can be closed in case Cap’n So Low and Oh-Beer-One need some privacy to do business.

Mos Isle spaceport. Ye will ne’er find a more wretched hive o’ scum ‘n villainy.

The set also includes a a structure that resembles a moisture vaporator, a characteristic element of the Tatooine landscape, which significantly improves the atmosphere of the entire set.

‘Tis th’ ship that made th’ Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs.

The scene

Oh-Beer-One and Luke Saltwater, with droids Arr-Two and Sea-Trippy-Oh! are trying to get to Mos Isle Port.

“These arrn’t th’ droids ye’re lookin’ fer,” Oh-Beer-One said.

“These arrn’t th’ droids we’re lookin’ fer,” the imperial soldier replied.

Ye can go around yer business. Move along!

I hope you enjoyed this short review of this great and funny MOC as much as I enjoyed building and shooting it!

May th’ force be wit’ ye, mateys! Arr!

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