A Brief Trip to an Underwater LEGO World

“Maybe we are all tourists in this underwater world—snorkels are our temporary visas, allowing us to visit this mysterious country for brief slices of time.” 

― Dallas Woodburn, The Best Week that Never Happened

I was inspired to create this six-image narrative while working on an image for our recent themed podcast: Abyss. To create my brief trip to an underwater world (without getting wet!), I relied on a cool trick that Anna (@fourbrickstall) wrote about. By using Orbeez-style water beads in a clear cake display I flipped upside down, I was able to recreate a minimalist underwater world.

It’s moments like this that I’m grateful for my ridiculous LEGO collection. I never realized that LEGO had released such a diverse collection of underwater animals until I needed them! It was so much fun digging deep and extending my play time. At this point in the pandemic I find it very satisfying to simply play with my toys with no expectations. Of course when it works into a six-image narrative, I consider that a big win!

~ Shelly

Do you have a six-image narrative you would like to share on the blog? The rules are simple and flexible. You can get all the details and submit your images here.


  1. Janan

    This is so dreamy and realistic at the same time and I feel completely transported into the wonders on the undersea. I’m glad I’m enjoying this on a larger computer screen instead of my iPhone. Wow. I could just stare at these for ages! 😀

    • Tobias – your comment really resonates with me. I miss being on the water so much, I wonder if that is why I use it in my photography so much? I think Im going to make the leap and buy my own kayak – its time to make dreams a reality. I hope you can do the same! <3

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