I’ve loved watching MythBusters since its debut so this is a little tribute to the cast and crew, as told by Buster the stunt dummy.

Lego MythBusters getting geared up
Adam and Jamie begin by installing an updated sensor pack in my noggin.
Lego MythBusters at breakfast.
Starting the day with breakfast shake.
Lego MythBusters rolling into the lab.
Off we go to the lab!
Lego MythBusters cooking with dynamite or cooking dynamite
“Cooking with dynamite” or “cooking dynamite”—neither is recommended.
Lego MythBusters snack break
Mid-shoot snack break—lemon/lime is my favorite.
Lego MythBusters post-shoot pool game
We wrapped the day with a game of pool—one of my favorite “head” games.

MythBusters fans know that co-host Grant Imahara sadly died in July of this year. I assembled the parts for Jamie and Adam prior to that and had put this story on pause for a bit.

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