Pharoah Lego Minifig surrounded by spiders
Spiders in the crypt, unghhh.
Pharoah calling professional explorers to help with spider problem
Calling the pros…
The adventurers begin their journey in Lego trucks.
We’re on the way!
Lego adventurers at the canyon entry.
At “The Gates”
Pharoah Minifigure giving directions to adventurers
Over there—please deal with them.
Pharoah and adventurers having grilled spiders for dinner.
Who would have guessed spiders could be so delicious on the grill?

I went camping out in the California desert last weekend. Aside from the normal camp gear I loaded out a bunch of LEGO sets and a few action figures to photograph. I set out on Saturday morning with some trucks and characters to shoot a Six-Image Narrative. As I wandered around the area, a story developed in my mind and I shot it mostly in order. Eventually I edited down to these six images from about 20 options. Two quick takeaways from my first Six-Image Narrative: A bit of planning helps a story, and don’t overshoot…

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Oh, and two bonus tips—make the most of the shade when you can, and make sure the latches on your case are really closed.