Finding New Places in the Real World

“Is this the real [world]? Is this just fantasy?” Okay, that’s now how the lyrics go, but with the January MeWe #tp_realworld2020 photo challenge fresh on our minds, this Six-Image Narrative from @eat_my_bricks got us thinking about the joys of making magic out of the “real world.”

For a few years we have created pictures with minifigures. Again and again we look for unusual situations and settings.

»King Stack«
»Genie in a bottle«
»Day of the Tentacle«
»Pop Up Party«
»Flying Saucer«

~ @eat my bricks | Soeren Grochau & Michael Feindura

»eat my bricks« is a photo art project. Two media dudes have robbed their kids’ brick collections, knowing full well that every little detail counts. See more of their work: @eat_my_bricks on Instagram |


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