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  1. Kristina

    Tobias, I love the details, the black and white, the shadows ans specially the details in the shadows, like how the door in the office scenes just slightly is less open between the scens in the office. I love the blinds, and how they cast shadows over the body in the bed.
    The scenes in the ally – is amazing, both the one with the phone both and the one with the light in the background. I love how you pose the people walking close to the wall that make me think about how loud the conversation must be, and that people don’t feel confident to talk anywhere else then close to the wall. This is like short story the drama is between the images – not in the frames, I see what’s becomes before and after – and I have to fill in the blanks. There is great sub text to this series just like in a great short story. You present great story telling by changing small elements by shifting the focus a bit, by changing our position, going closer, moving objects … I’m so impressed

    • Wow, this is an in-depth review! I am deeply impressed with your way of commenting pictures (I already knew you are really good at it).
      Your description of the office door is spot-on! And I am really glad you like the shadows of the blinds in the last picture. This is one of the pictures I like so much that I tried to build a story around it. The picture was originally only an experiment by the way, but as the story evolved it really fell into place.
      One thing you pointed out did not really occur to me: The people walking and talking so close to the walls – of course you are right, and I like your interpretation. I’d have said it is a narrow alley so I did not have much choice, but maybe I instinctively positioned the figures this way.
      I really appreciate the fact that you point out the things happening “between” the pictures because yes, I always trust my audience to understand that. In fact, I like filling the gaps too, as for me having to do so makes a story so much more intersting (it makes me participate in the unfolding of the narrative, maybe even in unveiling the mystery).
      Thank you so much for taking the time to comment, Kristina!

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