Returning to #nofigurefriday

I’ve been a bit of a Toy Photographers community failure in the last few months. I’ve had a lot on my plate, and inspiration to write and join in the community has been hard.

I’m just not getting to grips with checking MeWe (but you totally should!). It’s just one too many social channels for me. I need to go back in and explore it some more to see if I can garner the excitement I had when it first launched.

I’ve not been around Instagram so much either. I’ve lacked the energy, and the endless scrolling feels less fun than it used to. However, due to recent changes in my commute (back to public transport) I can now hopefully carve out a chunk of time in the mornings to engage a little more, to write more, and to start to rediscover my love of the toy photography community.

I’m starting with my old hashtag: #nofigurefriday. I launched this hashtag a good while ago now, and it’s still one that appeals to my style of toy photography.

A toy flamingo in abstract

I’ve taken a bunch of photos of accessories from latest minifigure release to share. I’m ready to go! Tomorrow begins a new (Fri)day and all that!

A toy chicken

It’s actually pretty amazing to see the hashtag still going, that people really engage with it every week. Here are some of my recent favourites:

So, if you have also been struggling to engage in the community recently, here’s my challenge to you: Take part in #nofigurefriday tomorrow. Then leave a comment on this post with where you posted it so everyone can take a look! I can’t wait to see what you share!

  • Lizzi

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  1. I accept your challenge, Lizzi! I too have been slowly losing the time/energy for the hobby but love the idea of just grabbing a few accessories for inspiration. I don’t often photograph toys without the figures but every time I do it’s an interesting and creatively exciting experience.

  2. I posted on IG 🙂
    It doesn’t have the exact feeling I was going for, but it’s the best I could do today. And after not shooting so much lately, it’s better than nothing and I feel kind of proud for finding the time and energy to pull out the assembly square set, finding the accessories and placing them, finding some light (it was quite dark and cloudy today, so no easy task 😀 ) and trying stuff. Thanks for inspiring me!

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