In rebuttal to Shelly’s argument for sunset over sunrise, let me counter her arguments. With logic. With facts. And with the following words. Thus, proving conclusively, that sunrises are much cooler than sunsets.

“You have to get up in the dark for sunrise.” – Shelly

Yes. Yes, you do. This is a factual statement. It’s not a reason to dislike sunrises. If we are to allow this statement as evidence as to why sunsets are better than sunrises, I’d counter with “You have to get wet to take a bath”.

“You have to set up your toys in the dark. If you drop an accessory, you’re out of luck.” – Shelly

I’d argue that dropping an accessory in any situation is unlucky, regardless of the time of the day or the angel of the sun. Is dropping something during a sunset lucky? Not unless you’re dropping some cool tunes to watch that sunset by. To which there are only three albums that are acceptable to drop during sunset.

  1. Metallica – Ride The Lightning
  2. Black Sabbath – Vol. 4
  3. The Bangles- Different Light
  4. The Runaways – The Runaways

Just three! Whereas the albums that can be played during a sunrise are endless. So I won’t name them all, but here are some of them;

  • Thin Lizzy – Jailbreak
  • Heart – Little Queen
  • Mudhoney – Superfuzz Bigmuff
  • Bikini Kill – The First Two Albums


And, as the sun rises, your chances of finding that dropped accessory are far greater than if you’d dropped it as night-time was looming. Plus, you’d have an endless soundtrack of albums to accompany you as you searched, instead of just three. That’s lucky!

“You need to carry a flashlight to see where you’re going or to help you with set up.” – Shelly

I’d rather use a flashlight to set up than to pack up. I hate packing up. It signifies an end to the all the fun. Imagine packing up with a torch to guide you, as the tears well up. And, if the batteries in your flashlight start to run out in the morning’s set up, guess what’s coming to help you? The sun. Who’s going to help you in the evening? The moon? Yeah, right! All moon has ever done is made werewolves. That’s it!

“It’s difficult to tell when you have the best light when you go from pitch black to day.” – Shelly

If I hadn’t visited Shelly last year, this argument would’ve had me thinking that days begin differently in the northern hemisphere. Pitch black, pitch black, pitch black, BANG!, day time. That’s not what happens.

“When do you know when to end your photo session?” – Shelly

Um, when you’re done? And if you’re not done, you’ve got a full day ahead of you to keep doing what you’re doing. Sunsets are bullies. They tell you when to end.

“That’s it. Lights out. You’re done, whether you like it or not.”
“Geez sunset, stop telling me what to do.”

Sunrises are cooler than that.

“OK, I’m done rising, but if you wanna keep playing, that’s cool with me man.”
“Thanks sunrise, you really are a cool dude.”

“The light feels pale and weak to me.” – Shelly

I can’t argue with how Shelly feels. I wouldn’t be that presumptuous. Unlike a certain sunset, presuming I’m done and switching off the light.

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My closing argument

Luckily this was typed. If it were spoken, it would’ve been difficult for you to understand my definitive, well constructive and conclusive counterarguments with my tongue firmly planted in my cheek.

Sure, this was just a little bit of silliness, but I do prefer sunrise to sunset. And here’s why;

  • I’m an early bird, usually awake before sunrise. So, rising early to photograph toys during sunrise doesn’t require the setting of an alarm.
  • I live on the southeast corner of Australia. Majority of the beaches face east, or southeast. We just don’t get sunsets over the water.
  • The beaches are usually deserted and untouched at sunrise. Stragglers linger until sunsets, as do their footprints in the sand.
  • With a sunrise toy photography session done, the rest of the day is still ahead on me. I could even take a sunset photo if I wanted to. If they didn’t suck!

Case. Closed.

– Brett

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