The most fun you can have in, or out of, the sun. The Outdoor Adventures (60202) set is 164 pieces of photographic potential.

Accessories – the highlights

The eagle (6232185) is an absolute gem and is already being poached from the sets and being sold for 20% of the set price online. It is modelled on an American icon, the Bald Eagle, and is designed with outstretched wings with the detail of individual feathers showing.

Boys’ day out

The rubber raft (6099480) is not that rare and has been around in various colours since 1997; however, if you don’t own one yet, this opens up many opportunities for your muses to get into the water. It is well balanced and floats easily with three Minifigures on board. The addition of two oars, two helmets (three if you include the one on the mountain climber) and two life jackets (in a new style/colour), opens up the flexibility of the inclusion. 

“Not my idea of fun guys”

The tent is sweet and even includes two mattresses and pillows made from various tiles and plates. The tent canvas (6228814) can be set in three positions with front and rear flaps neatly tucked into the sides, or left open where they naturally ‘pop’ open 90 degrees from the closed position. Nice printing with clear latticed sections allows for photography inside the tent; through the flaps, or the insect screens. The baby carrier is a nice addition with a baby, for the first time in a yellowish-green onesie (6232083). This makes a nice companion to the white and azure versions of this body. The new mountain bike frame (6228496) is offered in lime and, complete with the tyres that are normally found on motorcycles, makes a solid base for a rider. The dirt bike helmet (6207255) is also new to 2018, but can be found in nine sets, in either dark blue, or azure in the Arctic sets.

Mountain bike mania

There are other new parts, such as the Mount Clutchmore and Lego City signs, but I feel they have limited photographic potential.

“I see you are already here Daisy”

Minifigures – the highlights

It’s pretty neat to have nine new torsos to choose from and this alone makes the set worth the purchase. The most photogenic is the green jacket over a rampant racoon shirt. Possibly one of the most flexible is the bright pink torso with the white undershirt. It will allow for an adult female character to be dressed in casual attire that could be found in a gym, on a hike/picnic/outing, shopping trip, or even a lazy day at home.

Family time

Eight new heads are also a bonus, and five are double sided (three female). There are ten hair pieces for the Minifigures without helmets and I am pretty sure I recognise most of them, at least in their shape. The light bluish gray tousled hair piece (6134617) is one exception and is very stylish. It is definitely a female cut, but could be used for characters in a wide age range. The male parent camper with baby carrier is an excellent addition to anyone wanting more family characters to shoot.

However, the the pick of the fourteen child/adult Minifigures has to be the female nature photographer. With her double sided face (one with a characteristic photographer’s squint) new brown jacketed torso, and a camera bag (6121728) that will never fit that camera with its huge zoom lens; the nature photographer is sure to please the photographer in us all. Nancy, as my Minifig has been named, has already been transferred to my favourites box that travels with me on toy photo shoots.

“Thanks Nancy. I can’t wait to show this pic to the Raging Racoons!”


The Outdoor Adventure set is my favourite of the three outdoor City Minifigure sets offered in the last couple of years. It represents excellent value for the toy photographer that wants to expand their recreational scenes and many of the Minifigures can just be added to regular crowd scenes. The inclusion of new pieces such as the eagle, baby carrier, tent canvas, and mountain bike frame, will extend shooting opportunities even further.