Today I would like to celebrate the entries in our September G+ Community Challenge: Food! As always we had a great time with the challenge laid down by Joseph Cowlishaw. We were asked to play with our food and document our efforts. The approach to this simple theme was varied and inspiring with a healthy dose of humor. And we have the photos to prove it! 😀

Our Winner

Luciana Justice was our unanimous winner of September’s photo challenge. Even though Luciana is new to the community, she is no stranger to photography. She’s an accomplished newborn and family photographer who has recently discovered the joys of toy photography. Luciana combines Preiser figures and food into whimsical vignettes.


But her photos aren’t all about those cute Preiser figures playing in, on, with food. Juliana also created this humorous LEGO / T-Rex crossover. I’m pretty sure those two are playing on a field of brown sugar. Who says you can’t play in your food?

The Best of the Rest

One thing about our little community… there is no shortage of silliness. A good challenge combined with an abundance of toys and you never know what you’re going to see during the month. If you’re looking for images of robots munching on metal or an astronaut reaching for a beer in zero gravity; we’ve got you covered.

Please take a moment and view our gallery of community member entries to see how varied the approach to such a simple concept, food, can be.

Thank you to all the photographers who entered our Food challenge. We love these challenges because they are a great way to stoke the creative juices and bring us together as a community. We appreciate all the entries and everyones creative efforts!


Of course no contest would be complete without a few awesome entries from our moderators. These unsung heroes of our community always seem to rise to the challenge; and this month was no exception.

October Challenge

Now that we’ve all had fun playing with our food in September its time to turn our creativity in a slightly different direction. In the G+ community we’re embracing October…or more specifically Halloween! Our lead moderator, Julie Blair, has challenged us to all Get Spooky! 

“This month’s theme is Halloween! ? ? Give us your best costumes, trick-or-treating scenes, jack-o’-lanterns, and haunted stories. We’re leaving the theme broad and open to interpretation for maximum fun.” – Julie Blair

I hope you will join our October photo challenge!  The winners image will grace our cover and we will feature the best of the entries on the blog. Remember all toys and all styles of photography are welcomed in the community.

Thanks again for everyone who participated in Septembers challenge. I look forward to seeing what spooky images you create in October.

~ Shelly

If you would like to join in the fun, please join our G+ Community. If you’re new to the world of G+ we can help you by answering your questions. Its easy to feel lost in the world of social media. We offer you an alternative; a fun community you can call home.