The London Toy Safari starts tomorrow, and I’ll be hosting 11 Toy Photographers over the weekend, showing them the sights of the city!

We will be walking across London, from Buckingham Palace to Trafalgar Square, from Westminster to the South Bank, and along the South Bank to the Tower of London. Tourist sights and beautiful backgrounds galore. Across the two days we will be exploring London’s parks and museums, and we will be playing with our toys the whole time without (hopefully) anyone complaining about the constant toy photography going on!!

Making some tough choices on what toys to take.

Making some tough choices on what toys to take.

Toy safaris are amazing experiences, and you only have to read the posts about the last few that have taken place to realise that! I’m so excited to be meeting old friends and making new ones over the coming weekend. I’ve been excited for weeks, prepping for all the cool things going on behind the scenes, making decisions as to what toys to take (always the hardest part), and anxiously checking the long-term weather forecast to hope the stormy rain we’ve been having passes.

Ed gets ready for London

Ed gets ready for London! Umbrella, hats and a coat are probably going to be required clothing!

Watch our adventures

If you want to see what’s happening in London, you can follow along with the weekend in a couple of ways!

Firstly, during the weekend we will be posting to the #londontoysafari2018 hashtag, which you can find on Instagram, or use the handy feed below! (Check back later if it’s looking a little empty! We’re probably busy chatting!)

I will also be taking over the @_toyphotographers_ Instagram for the weekend, posting behind the scenes photos and videos, so make sure you visit that for more insight into just what happens at a toy photographers meet-up! Maybe it will inspire you to come along to the next one?

* Lizzi

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