World of Giants

This is the world of Giants – where human giants and minifigs live in harmony.. or so they thought.
Giants and minis frequently cross paths. The unwary ones sometimes sit on the little beings.
They blow at the poor little souls, for entertainment or just to clear the bench.
They steal their food.
The minifigs start to fight back… with whatever they have! And so continues their tiny battle…
The mini critters though, are just glad to scavenge on the leftovers!

World of Giants

~ A Six Image Narrative by Vince (@Harrlem)



  1. This is so clever! I agree with Brett, I hope you’ll do more of this series 🙂 I really liked the first shot. My husband accidentally stepped on my Qi’ra minifig recently so she can relate to that photo 🙂


    • Vince

      Oh man, I hope Qi’ra (or rather your husband) didn’t get too hurt! Joke’s aside, I’ve been thinking up on new images for continuation of this series, but just needs to get some time to get around shooting! Been bogged down by some stuff including work lately, so hopefully I get some time off soon!

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