The 2018 Melbourne Toy Photographers Meetup

October in Melbourne. The Royal Melbourne Show. The Melbourne International Arts Festival. The Victorian Seniors Festival. And now the 2018 Melbourne Toy Photographers Meetup!

While I was off enjoying myself at the Oregon Toy Photo Safari, Tony (@tonytulloch_tp) and Janan (@spideygoeshygge) organised informal toy photo walk in St. Kilda, Melbourne. I returned from Oregon excited to hear all about the St. Kilda toy photo walk, and inspired by what I’d experienced. Tony, Janan and I caught up to exchange tales and toys, and as we did, conversations soon shifted to the next meetup!

2018 Melbourne Toy Photographers Meetup
The 2018 Melbourne Toy Photographers Meetup


The other week, Tony and I caught up (Janan wouldn’t take me up on my offer to write him a doctor’s note to get out of work?!) in Melbourne’s CBD to discuss the upcoming Toy Photo Meetup, scout locations and of course take photos of toys.

We’ve set the date for Saturday October the 20th, from 10:00am to 3:00pm. The day will take us to Melbourne’s iconic graffiti covered Hosier Lane, Federation Square, Artplay Playground, Birrarung Marr, the Yarra River foreshore. And as the clock strikes 3, we’ll settle in at Pilgrim Bar for a bite to eat, a drink, good times, and no doubt more toy photography!

The 2018 Melbourne Toy Photographers Meetup is open to all toys, all cameras, and all ages (although if you’re under 16 we ask that you’re accompanied by an adult).

We’ve planned contests for the day with prizes for each of these. We don’t want to spoil any surprises, but I wish I could win all the prizes!


So, if this interests you, then jump on over and register for the 2018 Melbourne Toy Photographers Meetup. We’re asking for registration so we can plan the day better and so we know how many to book for the Pilgrim Bar.

2018 Melbourne Toy Photographers Meetup
The 2018 Melbourne Toy Photographers Meetup: It looks like Hosier Lane is ready for us!


We look forward to seeing everyone who can make it to the 2018 Melbourne Toy Photographers Meetup!

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  1. I almost bought a ticket after reading this, but then I remembered my life, my job, my wallet and so much more. BUT, I’m watching you Melbourne toy peeps, and especially Brett. I can’t stay away forever.

    Have a fantastic meetup. I can hardly wait to see the pics and posts about it all.

  2. I’m with Doug on this one, I want to drop everything and attend! This sounds like it’ll be a ton of fun for all involved. Can’t wait to see all the great photos and secondhand memories shared on the blog and across social media.

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