“Write? But why?”

I write to get a feeling out, whether it’s positive or negative. However, the goal is to always find a positive take away. Maybe that’s not in the story itself but rather in the act of writing.

For instance, I wrote this 2-part piece about a failed relationship. The first piece was my point of view, which is easy because I know how I feel but then I remembered a quote “you’re the bad guy in someone’s story” so I thought, ok, if I was going to write a story from someone else’s view that didn’t paint me as the hero what would it look like? The result was a rather brutally honest look at some of my least desirable qualities.

The positive that came from that was being able to take a good look at who I am.

Writing can be fun too though you know? It’s fun to let your imagination run wild and write an adventure you wouldn’t be able to experience otherwise. That’s why I wrote as a kid and it’s something I want to return to.

Why? - @toy.at.heart

For now, I am enjoying writing more personal pieces and that’s why I’ve been drawn to Figma figures (and recently Lego). I live in the city and I really like how these toys look against real life backgrounds. It allows me to put them in everyday environments that feels grounded in reality but because they are toys adds a sense of wonderment to world. I’m able to channel myself through the subject and put my heart and soul into it almost like I’m a toy at heart (*winks at non-existent camera). The pose-ability on them is fantastic and the ability to swap faces and hands allows for more creative options. Which leads to better photos and better stories.

Why? - @toy.at.heart

I archive my writing under the hashtag #ToyAtHeartStory I intend to keep building that up with new stories.

I also wanted to add that I am very grateful for the people that read my stories and enjoy them, it’s an incredible feeling.

– Austin (@toy.at.heart)


  1. Janan

    What a delightful read and thanks for sharing your inspiration and reflections. I think we can all do better to try and put ourselves in others shoes, or at the very least, be open to understanding one another more.
    I used to be drawn mainly by your images that speak stories for themselves and now, I feel drawn deeper into the characters’ life with the writing. It’s really enjoyable.

  2. brett_wilson

    I love your writings Austin, always have. And I love the images you create too.
    And now that I’ve go a glimpse into your process of matching your words with toys, I love your writing even more. Your words and images always compliment each other so succinctly, each adding so much more to the other.
    Thanks for writing some more words for us here mate!

  3. Austin, your photos always catch my eye — that combination of an empathetic plastic character and a real-life background is wondrous. And then your writing snags me, drags me in, and I’m seeing life through a different pair of eyes. I think it’s fun that you have to include a disclaimer sometimes so that people know it’s fiction — your writing is truly that personal and compelling, and feels so real!

  4. I’ve been really loving your work with Figma figures. You pose them just perfectly where they look like they belong in the real world setting. I’m using my first figure with changeable hands now and loving it. Also, I’m going to check out your story hashtag 🙂 thanks for this post.

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