Podcast 27 – LEGO Harry Potter Collectible Minifigures Review

Since we didn’t end up doing a full review of the new LEGO Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them collectible minifigures here on the blog, I thought it would be fun to do so in podcast form!

Yer A Minifigure, Harry

Who better to chat about the new LEGO Harry Potter line with me than fellow “Potterhead” Lizzi Standing? Lizzi and I already bonded over our mutual love of The Boy Who Lived during her interview podcast episode. I knew she’d have a lot of excitement for these 22 new minifigures, various sets, and of course the upcoming 6,000 piece Microfigure-scaled Hogwarts Castle.

In addition to talking about all of the above and reviewing each individual new minifigure, we also opened up about our histories with the Harry Potter franchise, our thoughts on the various film adaptations, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, and what Hogwarts Houses we’re sorted into.

Thanks for listening! And thanks to Lizzi for coming back onto the show to discuss Harry Potter with me. I had a ton of fun! If you haven’t yet, check out her full review of the new Harry Potter accessories.

We’d also love to know what Hogwarts House you’re sorted into! If you don’t know, take the quick Sorting Quiz on Pottermore and share the results in the comments! 


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LEGO Voldemort minifigure by James Garcia
“Avada Kedavra!”


  1. Slytherin. And I must say I was a little put off by the comment that James and Lizzi are the biggest Harry Potter fans on the blog. Maybe it’s the age difference? Maybe you cant imagine an adult in her mid 30’s enjoying the books as much as you two did? Oh well…

    I enjoyed the conversation and audio review of the new collectible mini figures! Great job!

  2. Janan

    Mid 30s and big Harry Potter fan too! Read all the books.. well except the last one which I listened on audiobook (Stephen Fry does an excellent job!)

    Lovely listening to the both of you and it certainly brought back fond wizarding world memories for me.

    • YES! I love the Stephen Fry readings of the Harry Potter books, he’s so great! I’ve listened to all of the books despite having already read them, because he’s just so fun to listen to. In fact you’re making me want to listen to them again!

  3. Gryffindor — momentarily disappointing and now I’m just owning it. Love the podcast, the pics you posted here, and Lizzi’s post on the accessories. Awesome work! I’ve come to Harry Potterdom slowly and am now full tilt, I suppose. Hey, where is that adorable minifig tile from that’s in your headline shot? Ok, now back to sorting out which figs are for the kid and which for me. He’s so needy. 😉 Cheers James and thanks for your weekly show. Hope you’re doing great.

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