LEGO® Ideas 21311 Voltron, is the biggest buildable LEGO mech ever!

This awesome set features buildable and posable black, blue, yellow, red and green lions which combine to create Voltron, plus a huge sword and shield.

Based on a design submitted by LEGO® Ideas user Len_D69, the Lego Ideas Voltron is based on the design first seen in the beloved 1984 animated series. Coming in at a whopping 2321 pieces, this set is the biggest LEGO® Ideas set released, taking the title from to the Old Fishing Store, which was 2,049 pieces.

We (@shellycorbettphotography, @thereeljames23, @fathersfigures, @fourbrickstall, @spideygoeshygge and I) recently created photos of Voltron for the LEGO® Ideas team to help launch this incredible set. If you haven’t already read what we think of it, you can check out our reviews here.

And now you can win your very own Voltron too!

Yes, we’re giving away one of these amazing LEGO® Ideas sets to one lucky winner.

And winning couldn’t be easier!

All you have to do is follow @_toyphotographers_ on Instagram and repost our post announcing the giveaway (see below), up to 3 times in total, using the hashtag #toy_photographers_voltron. Only entries from regular Instagram accounts will be accepted. Any accounts created purely to bolster their number of entries will not be considered. If you’re reposting multiple times, please consider your followers and only do so once a day. No one likes having their feeds clogged up with endless reposts! And if your account is set to private we will not be able to see your entries.


Reposting this post on Instagram could win you Voltron!

Yep, it’s that simple!

On Tuesday the 7th of August, we’ll pick a random entry from all the #toy_photographers_voltron posts. We’ll check that the Instagram account of the randomly selected post is a regular account, is following @_toyphotographers_ and that they haven’t spammed their followers with more that three posts! If they tick all the boxes, they’ll win the incredible LEGO® Ideas 21311 Voltron set!

This giveaway is open to entries worldwide. Everyone is eligible to win, including winners of our previous Downtown Diner and Collectible Minifigures giveaways. You can repost up to three times in total. We don’t want to annoy your followers!

So, jump on over to the @_toyphotographers Instagram page, click that follow button, and get reposting.

A huge thank you goes to Darryl and the LEGO® Ideas team for providing us with this incredible set to give away.

And while we’re giving away stuff, don’t forget to check out our Spider Holster giveaway. We have two SpiderLight Hand Straps to give away, and our friends at Spider Holster have graciously created a promo code for everyone to get 20% off on their products at Check out James’ review post for all the details.

– Brett

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