Focus Hocus Pocus!

I written before that I’m easily distrac…. oh look, a butterfly! But the past few weeks have seen a toy photography project have my full attention and focus. Too much focus maybe?

I never liked Monopoly as a board game. There was something about the capitalism nature of the game that never struck a chord with me. “Oh, you’re a little low on cash there? Here, have a some. No, don’t worry about paying me back. It’s a gift mate.” This socialist attitude to a game that’s goal is to drive your opponents into bankruptcy, usually saw me bowing out very early, landing on Mayfair, unable to pay the rent, but content in the fact that I’d lent some coin to a friend in need.

focus: Uncle Milburn Pennybags
Uncle Milburn Pennybags

And when there’s a monopoly on my thoughts and focus, I also feel that I should also share my time with other thoughts. Other thoughts need some of my attention nest egg too.

Things like #withtoysinmind, #inthestyleof, and of course all the wonderful G+ challenges keep tapping me on the shoulder asking for some of my attention spare change.

But I have to pat my empty pockets, shrug, and regretfully walk on for now.

Make general repairs on all your focus – For each idea pay $25 – For each thought $100

This project property mogul has been standing out the front of the motel it’s constructed on the Mayfair of my time, demanding I pay the exorbitant rent!

In the past couple of weeks, I’ve taken only a handful of toy photographs. A handful that aren’t directly linked to the project.

So, if I’ve been missing of late, you can blame Uncle Milburn Pennybags for sending me directly to jail, not allowing me to pass GO, and definitely not letting me collect $200. $200 I probably lent him in the first place!!

But don’t worry, I’ve smuggled a thimble in and I’m using to burrow my way out!

– Brett

Do ideas or projects monopolise your thoughts and focus? Or do you put some money aside for when the project landlord demands the rent, giving you time to play?

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  1. Oh yes, the ideas, challenges and hashtags are buzzing in my head like the large swarm of the bees. And they are hungry! They want to eat and then make some tasty photo honey. But it’s so hard to focus on one idea when all of them are pulling in their own way. That’s why I’m torn aparat. Like You said Brett, time for repair and cleaning!

  2. Mary Wardell

    With most of my toys packed up for our move, toy photography has had to take a backseat for now, but in another week or so as I start to unpack I’m hoping my ideas will emerge from the boxes along with my toys.

    • brett_wilson

      I don’t like moving. But I do like unpacking!!
      I’m sure so many new ideas and stories will emerge as your toys do.
      I have a cupboard in my toy room where toys get put away occasionally to work on their stories. It’s amazing what they come up with while they’re hidden away in there!

  3. Ann Van Breemen

    Totally agree. There are so many different groups and challenges out there I feel I’m being pulled in too many directions at once and my attention span is already the size of a gnat. Then there is the time needed to actually plan and shoot required image. No wonder I am exhausted and I haven’t even left my bed yet. I think I need to defrag my inner hard drive and concentrate on what I love doing best which is creating stories with my little friends and sharing them with bigger friends. That’s sometimes challenging enough!!

  4. brett_wilson

    Attention span of a gnat? I know all about that!!
    I love your description of “creating stories with my little friends and sharing them with bigger friends”. I really love that!

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