Go Brick Me!

Have you seen the new BrickHeadz set by LEGO called Go Brick Me! (#41597)?  This is a fun set that will allow you to create two custom BrickHeadz that you can make look like you; sort of a BrickHeadz mini-me. Brett and I thought that this set would be a great rainy day activity for the participants of the #ORToyPhotoSafari. So we sent in our request to the Mother Ship and brought a whole mess of these sets to the meet to give away to the attendees.

Because you can build two BrickHeadz from every set, we asked everyone to choose a partner. We then handed out the boxes and told everyone to come back on Sunday with a built BrickHeadz selfie for an impromptu contest. Brett was kind enough to offer a package of the Australian treat, Tim Tams, as an incentive. After tasting these delightful chocolate covered cookies at the potluck, the competition got fierce.

Best Laid Plans…

One of the reasons I chose the Oregon coast for this years meet-up is its reputation for cloudy skies. After our experience in San Francisco, those endless blue skies, I was hoping for the traditional grey overcast of the pacific northwest. Instead of grey clouds, we were greeted by blue skies and beautiful weather for the entire weekend. I had fully anticipated some afternoon down time while waiting for the rain to let up. Instead we had to scramble to find time to build our BrickHeadz. Given the choice between taking photos on the beach at sunset or playing with LEGO, I know what I chose!

Lucky for us our Saturday evening schedule opened up because Leila Chieko’s documentary about fellow Portland toy sculpture, The World of Showhorse Animation, was nominated for an award at the Oregon Documentary Film Festival. (She won!) We didn’t want to have too much fun while she was away. So we all took the evening off to enjoy the sunset, edit photos and chill.

But you know how it is, life gets in the way. No matter how well you plan, there is never enough time to do everything. The weather was fabulous, the friends were interesting and there were other contests to compete in. In the end there were sixteen entries for those precious Tim Tams.

I’m No LEGO Builder

Sure I love playing with LEGO, but I’m no LEGO builder. But a building challenge like creating a likeness of myself using LEGO is well above my skill level. I certainly had a fabulous time with Dave DeBaermaeker (my partner) building our respective likenesses. I can safely say his was far more successful than my own. In fact I had to call on my friend Lego_Laws to stop by to help my salvage my Brickheadz and enjoy a few Tim Tam Slams.

Even though I’m not a LEGO builder I had more fun building my little mini Brickheadz than I could have imagined. While you are given lots of options of colors and accessories, there is plenty of room to dip into your own stash to make further modifications.

As Law and I discovered, these little BrickHeadz builds are kind of addictive. I’ve since added a few other Brickheadz sets to my collection. I’m sure there will be more in the future. In the mean time I will keep tweaking my little mini me trying to get the perfect representation.

The Results

Unfortunately not everyone was able to finish their BrickHeadz. It was a busy weekend and sometimes there were more pressing activities to attend to. Not pictured are Jenelle, Eva, Laurie, Jess, Jazer, Jax, Austin and Eric. If any of these lovely folks are inspired to create their BrickHeadz I will add them to the gallery. Because I have so many wonderful memories tied up in this aspect of the meet-up, I will display my little mini-me on my desk as my inspiration for next year!

The Winner

You’re probably wondering who won Brett’s little contest. Who was the lucky recipient of that coveted bag of Tim Tams? It was non other than Lawrence Ruelos! Law set the bar high with his slicked back hair and the addition of a little hoodie on the back. Brett was so impressed by his building skills he took home the grand prize. Way to go Law!


In Conclusion

Get this set! Create yourself as a BrickHeadz. Better yet, grab a partner and do it together. Why not bring a few toy photographers together and make an evening of it? Its fun, it’s silly and your will create a few beautiful memories along the way.

Thank you to The LEGO Group for creating such an awesome set. Because of their generosity we were able to create wonderful memories. I will confess that when I look through the image gallery my stoic exterior begins to crack and my eyes get a bit misty. Until next year my friends!


“It’s okay. I like the rain.” David & Hannah

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  1. Leila (brickandmordor)

    OMG I LOVE THESE! They’re all so adorable! I want a poster of them all – such a great activity and challenge. I hope everyone else will submit theirs soon!

    (And thanks for the documentary shoutout! 🙂

    • I’m glad you think these are as adorable as I do! Lol! A poster – that would be pretty funny. Im still hopeful for one or two more – but who knows…

      Of course!! We are all so proud of you and your amazing accomplishment!!

  2. Teddi Deppner

    I agree, seeing all those beloved faces makes me a little misty-eyed, too! Brickheadz are something I never would have bothered with. I’m not a fan of bobble-heads or Funko Pop (although I do enjoy other photogs’ pics of them). So I was really surprised at how fun it was, and I’m really intrigued about the possibilities for engineering Lego likenesses. I’d like to create a Brickheadz version of Kanan Jarrus and Hera Syndulla someday (Star Wars Rebels). Just because I can.

    Thanks, Lego, for a fabulous opportunity. You have a new Brickheadz convert in me! And thanks, Shelly & Brett, for putting together so many fun activities for the Toy Safari.

    • Teddi I totally challenge you to make a Brickheadz versions of Kanan and Hera. That would be so cool! If you do, I will add them to the post. 🙂
      And like you Ive not been interested in these at all. But now I’ve taken the plunge I have already purchased a couple for my collections. I couldn’t resist Wonder Woman! Thanks for playing along – you and Lewis both look great!!

  3. Janan

    Wow! I’ve not explored much of Brickheadz and admittedly tend to gloss over them at the shops but this activity looks really fun! What a fantastic Aussie prize as well. Haha! Wonder what flavour Law got! Double choc is my fave. Yums!

    • Janan I think you would very much enjoy creating a pair of these for you and your wife. Let me know if you give it a go. Maybe we can create a G+ Community Brickheadz challenge? And to answer your question Law received the original flavor. I have has the double choc – and holy heck those are fabulous!!

  4. This is a FANTASTIC collection. Thanks for posting it all Shelly and forcing us to do it. 🙂 Johnny and Tye are delighted, too, of course. It was such a beautiful weekend. I can hardly wait to discover where and when we’ll gather next. xo

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