In my last post I wrote about marvelling at the articulated toys gang and their elaborate and precise posing of their toys at the Oregon Toy Photo Safari. But a couple of toys with zero points of articulation won my heart and are currently my favourite toy photography subjects.

I fell in love with the two #krashes_kustoms Porgs that @krash_override (Dennis)gifted me on the first evening in Oregon. They instantly became my new favourite Toy Photography fodder. And not just because they were new. Because they were simply so damn photogenic and emotive.

Oregon Porgs

However, I worried that these latest additions might not clear customs on my way home. “Porgs? You’re declaring Porgs?”

Porg in Oregon

I was also concerned that my adoration for these guys might diminish as the distance and time from the Oregon Toy Photo Safari grew.

Porg in Oregon

Plus, I wasn’t sure how these guys would adapt to the Australian climate and landscape.

Porg in Oregon

I needn’t have fretted.

Migratory Porgs

They made it through customs.

Porg in Oz

Like the memories of the Oregon Toy Photo Safari, my fondness for these guys remained true.

Porg in Oz

And they seem to be thriving in their new home.

Porgs in Oz

The tender, emotive nature of these wonderful creations by Dennis are what make them delightful subjects.

Sometimes, to articulate a story, articulation isn’t required. To pronounce a tale, posing isn’t necessary. Sometimes, to put into words, all you need is a Porg.

Thank you Dennis for these wonderful new additions to my toy box! Now, what was it you told me about feeding them after midnight and getting them wet? Oh, I can’t remember, I’m sure it wasn’t that important?!


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  1. Dennis

    Such a wonderful post Brett, I am humbled to read it. The warm tones of Oz. work wonders for their colors. I’m pretty proud to have been a part of introducing a new species into the Australian Wildlife.

  2. While your photos are pretty damn amazing – especially the first Porg in Oz photo – I don’t think it’s possible to take a bad photo of this guy. Dennis once again works his magic and makes a cool character just a little bit more awesome. And no, big fancy multi articulated toys are not needed to tell compelling stories. Cheers!

    • brett_wilson

      Agreed. I don’t think it’s possible to take a crappy photo of these wonderful creatures. As you say, Dennis takes something good, and makes it great. I see many Six Image Narratives coming from these chaps!

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