Its time to announce the winners of our March challenge. Last month in our G+ Community we were challenged by Tomasz Lasek to create images based on time.

“tick, tock, tick, tock, tick, tock ;brrring, diiiing, brzzzing, ding, dong, brrrring!”
Everyone knows this iconic intro of Pink Floyd’s “Time”.
Time, fourth dimension, one of the greatest mysteries of the Universe.
Try to catch this mystery, show your meaning of time. – Tomasz Lasek

Even though time is a constant part of our lives, it can be as be equally fleeting. We run after it, we try to hold on to it, to catch up with it or to stay ahead of it. Time was not an easy concept to pin down, but as always our community members gave it their all and created some outstanding images that I would like to share with you.


Our first place winner was our good friend Dave DaBaermaeker with his classic time traveling Delorean crashing into the time traveling Tardis. You cant get more iconic than this fantastic mash-up featuring two iconic symbols of time and pop culture.

Not only this a great interpretation of the theme, but Dave’s photography skills are on full display. His smoke effects, created in-camera,  really sell the spooky evening aspects of the photo. While both of time traveling Tardis and Delorean are available in many different forms, the ability of LEGO to break apart adds to the sense of damage conveyed in the image. Really nice attention to detail Dave!

As the winner of our March contest Dave’s image will grace the banner of our G+ Community and the G+ Community page on the blog for the month of April. We’re proud of our community and want to create as many opportunities to celebrate this amazing talent.

Runner Ups

Because it is so difficult to choose a winner, we have chosen two runners up this month: Sunny (ZekeZachZoom) and Tom (TomTom Milton). Each of these photographers interpreted the theme  tick, tock, tick, tock  in there own unique fashion.

In an earlier post Sunny talked about his mantra: “Where is the surprise?” and I couldn’t have been more surprised when this entry turned up at the last minute. Im not sure I’ve seen the LEGO Fly used so creatively before. As is often his style, Sunny managed to turn the concept of time on its head and make us all chuckle. Well done Sunny!

Our second runner up is Tom who has a unique style all his own. I think its fair to say that Tom has mastered the art of the blur. Creating his unique photos where he pushes the blur as far as he can and still manage to maintain readability. And all of this blur is created in camera!

Tom’s image feels like a quick glimpse of the classic Delorean shape as if it just appeared from out of time. The orange glow of the setting sun and the headlights of the car allude to an early morning arrival from parts unknown. So mysterious!

Other Notable Entries

As always we want to showcase a few of the notable entries we received for our March contest.

The Moderators

It takes a lot of effort to keep the G+ Community active and energized. Out team of G+ Moderators are always there with a kind word and images designed to inspire our members. Here is a sample of the images they created for our March challenge.

April Challenge

For April we’ve been challenged by Joseph Cowlishaw to create images that are Straight Out Of Camera (SOOC).

This month take an image intentionally without any post processing (cropping and watermarking are allowed). What you snap in camera is what you get. Lets see what we can create without relying on the (awesome) editing tools we heavily use.
Whether it be an outdoor shot to celebrate Spring (Northern Hemisphere) or indoor with more control over lighting – get your creative juices flowing! You can use all sorts of tools that have been mentioned in the community before such as reflectors, lights, or even cutouts in front of the lens. Make up your own way to create a post-processed effect in camera. – Joseph

This is a fun riff on our #SlumpDay weekly hashtag. If the first week has been any indication, there will be some stiff competition this month. And since Joseph has limited us to only three entries a pice – make them good ones!

Thanks for supporting the blog and I’ll see you in the G+ Community!


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