Almost at the end

It’s with some horror as I realize that it’s my turn to share my thoughts about toy photography on the blog. And in the same moment I seem to realize that I have nothing to say. My toy photography is runnig low. I photograph in my little home made studio, but there is no more.

I’m finishing

I’m finishing my story of a princess. When I started working with the toy, it just was a name and a hair. That toy is still all that, but also a little more …

I will finish my series. But then I’ll have to pause from my regular toy photography (a picture a day). Because I have to find what challenge me. I know that I’ll do photography with toys when the sun shines my way. Or when the desire to let the light dance around the toys comes upon me, or when the water puddles are irresistible, like days in August. I’ll be working when the light enchants me and with the toy that brings me into other worlds.

I’ve to seek new challenges

I think my image storytelling with toys will be less visual next year. Because I will only photograph when the lust comes, or when I want to do a picture that I only can do with a toy. For now I think I need to explore other expressions in my image work. But I know I’m coming back to the toys as motives just not as regual as I have done during 2017.

But 2017 isn’t over yet, i’ll have to finish my work with my princess until I find a new love …



  1. I’ve really enjoyed your series with Leia this year! All year, I looked forward to seeing your photos of the Princess on my IG feed and on the blog. It’s a real accomplishment to do a series like that. I know that I don’t have the stamina for it, so I’m awe of photographers that do.

    I look forward to seeing your photos next year, no matter what subject you choose 🙂


  2. well done Kristina.
    I have done a “Lego 365 Stormtrooper” a few years ago, plus the traditional annual “30 days 30 beers” projects, and I know how difficult it gets at some point to find the enthusiasm to find an idea and to shoot it.. you have really done well.. I guess we will see you less next year, especially at the beginning, but I’m certain that you’ll come up with great new ideas/photos soon..

  3. Im going to miss these posts. What a journey; you created so many fabulous images. I think you’ve proven that given a few restraints you are forced to get more creative. Thank you so much for sharing this journey with us. I was so pleased to read that you will be continuing with your toy photography. The world would be a sad place if you were not in it taking toy photos; somewhere, at sometime. xo

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