We’ve been working on a project since October, but a signed NDA (non-disclosure agreement) means we can’t talk about it until February. The silence around this project almost silenced me. Almost!

Yesterday James wrote about finding inspiration to photograph from within the words and photos of books. Today I struggle to find the inspiration to write words based on the photographs I’ve been taking.

When all I’ve been working on is something that I’ve got to keep my silence about, it’s tough. When my weekly blog post generally evolves from, or relates to what I’ve been working on, it’s so freaking tough.

Being able to dedicate some serious weekend time to this project is a luxury afforded me from my wife and kids. To devote time to this project, especially during the busy Christmas build up and the frantic end of the work year wind down is such a blessing. Opening a blank blog draft, knowing that I’ve gathered no fodder to write about during the weekend’s activities is neither a blessing nor a luxury.

When I’m photographing toys I’m also thinking about words that can be drawn from that experience; creating snow, putting tips into practice, shooting someone’s shtick, tackling seasonal changes, lying in the wet sand… All of these posts emerged from the experience of taking photos of toys. Other experiences have lead to other topics to write about. However, the focus on this project keeps my thoughts from wandering.

Silence: Turning cogs

Turning cogs

I want to treat this project as a whole. I want to throw all at it. Don’t wander off in thought, thinking of other tasks I have to do, like writing my weekly post. Remain focused on the task at hand. That’s not easy for me. As anyone who knows me will tell you, I’m easily distrac…. oh look, a butterfly!

– Brett

Does your toy photography inspire you to do more? Where do you find inspiration to write?

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