At the start of this year I made a resolution. So what did I want from the year? A pebble in my shoe!

I wanted a pebble in my shoe to keep me shifting, keep me squirming, and keep me uncomfortable. I hoped that this would keep me shifting until I found my style, or until I became comfortable enough to realise my style would never be constant and it’d always need to be changing; just like my stance with a pebble in my shoe.

I don’t want a career, I got enough to deal with here
Screeching Weasel – Ashtray

I’ve still got that pebble in my shoe. Actually, I’ve now got two of those pesky nuisances in there.

The other pebble that’s making me uncomfortable isn’t igneous, sedimentary or metamorphic; it’s temporal.

It’s the pebble of time that’s causing me to squirm and fidget uneasily.

Thanks to James’ reminder that November is upon us, I’ve remembered that there are quite a few toy projects of varying sizes that I need to begin, progress, or finish in the ensuing weeks!

Time: Busy bee

Busy bee

To Do List

There are the regular video hangouts that Shelly and I have to discuss the running of the blog, upcoming events, LEGO news and planning for the future.

There’s the Brickography LEGO fan exhibition this weekend.

There’s the Toy Photographers podcasts that James is championing. I won’t ruin the big reveal, I’ll leave that to the brains behind it, but there’s work to be done for that.

And there’s work to be done for the Toy Photographers book too. A book? Yes, there are plans for a book too!

As well as Shelly and I regularly meeting to discuss the blog, we also spend a lot of time searching for and inviting guests to write for the blog. They don’t approach us, unfortunately. But, if you’re interested in writing for the blog, please let us know!

Brickvention is coming early next year and there’s the fan art silent auction to coordinate, organise and set up again.

And finally, there’s some secret LEGO business that needs to be done too. I can’t say anything about this now, but hopefully we’ll able to shed some light on this exciting opportunity soon.

We’ll be kickin’ ass we’ll be takin’ names
When we’re bigger than Kiss
Teenage Bottlerocket – Bigger than Kiss

And, as well as all this, I’m expected to write a blog post for this week?

As if I’ve got time for that with all this other stuff going on?

– Brett

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