I really like the LEGO ladder. So much so, I thought I would write an Ode to the LEGO ladder. I think the LEGO ladder is a frequently over looked accessory. Sure we see plenty of cats, dogs, teddy bears, coffee mugs and the like well represented in toy photography. But when did you last see a LEGO ladder used?

James made a great case recently about how accessories can bring depth to your story or add an unusual twist. I even wrote a piece a while back about how the venerable teddy bear seems to be everyone’s favorite prop. Now it’s time to take a closer look at the possibilities of the humble LEGO ladder.

A Few Uses for The LEGO Ladder

You can use the LEGO Ladder to climb into a flower to hide from your mother like this little bunny. (An except from The Runaway Bunny, re told with LEGO.)

You can use the LEGO Ladder to climb the stack of books on your must read pile!

The LEGO Ladder comes in handy when its time to decorate the Christmas tree!

The Polar Bear lookout finds the LEGO ladder a handy tool while on duty. He uses it to see over those high snow drifts.

Or maybe the best use for the LEGO ladder is to help a certain dapper gentleman to cross the river safely?

Rich in Symbolism

Besides being a fun and useful prop, did you know that the ladder is rich in symbolism? The ladder is often used to represent a connection between heaven and earth or the physical and the spiritual world.

The Ladder, which is rich in symbolism and Metaphor, consists of Horizontal Rungs and two Vertical Uprights. The Horizontal rungs represent progressively higher levels of consciousness and the two Vertical Uprights, ( I I ), represent the symbol for duality.

Each rung represents a gradual ascent whereby
wisdom, knowledge, enlightenment and perfection are earned
by us one step at a time. However, we must also keep in mind
that no journey is without its rests and pauses. Therefore,
whenever we require a respite during our spiritual ascent, the
rungs of The Ladder provide us with the support and strength we
need until we are ready to take our next step upward.

– Joseph “Joe” Panek, A Seeker’s Thoughts

Who knew a simple LEGO Ladder could add so many layers of meaning to a toy photo?

There are many other uses for the LEGO ladder, these are only a few that I’ve found. The whole world of comedy and slapstick seems like a natural fit for a LEGO ladder. Or maybe you could use a ladder as a prop in your LEGO township? The LEGO ladder can also be used as a makeshift emergency stretcher in your LEGO City. There seem to be many unexplored uses for the helpful Lego Ladder.

I’ve grown to appreciate this thin piece of white plastic and you’ll always find one or two in my bag of tricks. They are always at the ready to assist a figure across a raging river or to a better viewpoint.

Do you have a favorite over looked accessory?


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