Dasdana Jones is always in search of new adventures.

Through endless woods,

alone on steep walls,

in unexplored caves,

down rushing streams,

admiring majestic waterfalls,

always making new friends.


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  1. This is a wonderful series Luigi! I especially like the second one – the low point of view and the composition are wonderful. And the selfie with the Yeti is a perfect end to the series 🙂


    • priovit70

      Thanks a million, Lynn! I agree with you: the second and the third ones are my favourite. And the one with the bigfoot too, obviously. I don’t even know why I brought with me the Indiana Jones minifigure in the mountains, but I’m happy with the photos I came up with. Something different from the usual.
      Just for the record, Dasdana is the name of a mount in the Prealpi area, where I usually go).

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