2018 Toy Photographers Meet-Up

It’s that time of the year when I start thinking about the 2018 Toy Photographers Meet-Up. Honestly I feel like I’m already behind the eight ball. By this time last year, we already had the city picked out and the locations set. Yikes!

But 2018 is still a few months away, so I think we have time to plan our fourth fabulous and spectacular event. In an effort to create an event that can accommodates as many people as possible, I’ve create a questionnaire for any interested participants. Please take a moment to complete this short survey so we can be on our way to making decisions and planning another fun weekend!

If you’re not familiar with a what a toy meet-up is all about, you can check out posts about San Francisco from:  David Valdez, Julien Ballester, Doug Gary and Lawrence Ruelos. Every meet-up is different so be sure and check out the posts by Mrs Playwell and FathersFigures about Seattle in 2016. In addition there is a short video about the Seattle meet-up created by Leia Chieko you should watch too!

Toy photography meet ups are a lot of fun! You connect with like minded photographers; swap photo tips and toys; exchange photos and take home new toys through the toy exchange. Plus you will receive a custom designed Krash’s Custom mini figure with your registration. I’ve been told by Krash, that the 2018 Toy Photographers meet-up custom has already been designed and is even better than the last three! That’s hard to image, but I will have to trust him.

Sample customs created by KrashOverride for past meet-ups. (Photo by Dennis Taylor, aka Krash_Override)

Does this sound like fun? Do you want to meet up with an eclectic group of toy photographers like these folks?

The attendees of the 2017 San Francisco toy photo safari. Photo Credit: Sandi on Leila’s camera 🙂

Be sure and fill out this short survey about the 2018 Toy Photographers Meet-Up so we know your preference. Once I have your responses, I will confirm the date and location. It’s never too early to start planning travel and scheduling time off work.

I look forward to meeting-up with any and all toy photographers in 2018 for our fourth toy photography meet-up!


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  1. My odds of attending drastically increase if it is in a location where my company has an office. Double points for places where I have team members… of course the trick is I can’t say here where my team members are… so YMMV. Good luck!

  2. Reiterlied

    Although I voted for all choices, Oregon would be awesome. It’s one of the places I never visited in the US and that I’m the most curious about. Also, it would be very tempting to do a detour by Seattle 😉

    Another good point about Washington and Oregon: some might be less likely to get sunburned there :’D

    • Lizzi

      Yeah, west coast may kill me with heat! My vote is for Washington! As a politics nerd, i have wanted to visit for years. Add in local relatives to take me on for a few days, and it makes it all much more affordable! 😀

      • Lizzi, I think you may have your coasts mixed up. There could be nothing hotter than DC in August. Hot and humid! The PNW and Oregon at least has lovely trees, moss and a coastal breeze to keep you cool. Im not sure about LA, but I hear spring can be lovely!

    • Reiterlied, Oregon would be beautiful! The coast is stunning! And I will make sure I have plenty of sunscreen. Although a rain coat might be more appropriate!

      You are always welcome to stop by Seattle on your way to wherever you’re headed. 🙂

  3. Leila @brickandmordor

    Oregon Coast is AWESOME! Lots of lodging options and amenities in Cannon Beach as a home base. Tons of great nearby locations. Sand, rocks, driftwood, tide pools, forest, kelp! August would guarantee better weather over often rainy/cold April.


    • While I agree August on the Oregon Coast is ideal I have a dilemma: exclude either Kiwi or Dennis and Melissa by choosing an August date OR choose April and risk crappy weather?

      I hate this part!

      I look back on Seattle and I can see by the pictures that Saturday was horrendous weather, but then I also see the amazing photos people took. Huddling in the fort forced people to work together, while in SF the weather was fabulous but I was always fighting the sun and hot light.

      What would you choose?

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