Shooting Star [Wars]

Last week, I wrote about the #LEGOEaster photo contest. I talked about LEGO potentially finding you through the contest and maybe wanting to use your photos. This week, I was reminded of this happening when an email inviting me to participate in the LEGO Star Wars Days at LEGOLAND® again landed in my inbox.

One of the features of the LEGO Star Wars Days is a Fan Gallery, where LEGOLAND® host photographers from around the world that specialize in LEGO Star Wars. Participants are asked to send 6-8 photos that are shown alongside other LEGO photographers from around the world. At the end of the event, all the photos are raffled off to visitors. That’s cool! My photos might be hanging on the wall of a STAR Wars LEGO fan somewhere in the world.

This gallery of LEGO Star Wars photographers is invitation only. And those invitations come from LEGOLAND® finding its participants through social media, or by recommendations from previous exhibitors.

When I was a little man
Playdough came in a little can
I was Star Wars’ biggest fan
The Aquabats – Playdough

My friend Mark recommended me to LEGOLAND®, sending a link to my Instagram feed. Based on his recommendation, and what they saw in my feed, this will be my third year participating.

So, this email invitation to be a part of the Star Wars Fan Gallery again sitting in my inbox is the perfect retort to all those naysayers that doubted sharing photos might pay off. Just like the #LEGOEaster contest, putting yourself out there, might have bigger ramifications than you realise. And if that little dangling carrot isn’t enough incentive for you to join in, I don’t know what is.

Star Wars: Lego Boba Fett chasing Han Solo in barrels on water
Bobbing Fett

Some information for you

Molly, Events Supervisor from LEGOLAND® California Resort, was kind enough to send through some information about the LEGO Star Wars Days.

“LEGO Star Wars Days at LEGOLAND California Resort has been running since 2005. The art fan gallery as also has been a part of LEGO Star Wars days since 2005 and is a fan favorite with guests.”

“Jedi Knights and Stormtroopers Return to LEGOLAND® California Resort on June 3 and 4 for LEGO® STAR WARS™ Days!
LEGO® Star Wars™ Days is back and ready to take on the land of LEGOLAND® California Resort on June 3 and 4, 2017 as Stormtroopers™, Jedi™ and even Darth Vader™ wander the many lands of the Park. Enjoy the thrill of the galaxy with awesome activities such as the LEGO Star Wars™ Family Build Challenge, LEGO Star Wars™ Miniland Scavenger Hunt, Jedi™ Trivia, costume contests and much more! LEGO Star Wars™ Days is included with regular Park admission: Kids 3–12 $89; Adults $95. Parking $15. For information: (760) 918-LEGO (5436) or”

If you’re lucky enough to be at LEGOLAND® California Resort on June 3 and 4, be sure to check out the Fan Gallery. You might even be lucky enough to pick up one of the photos in the raffle! And speaking of luck, don’t forget to enter the #LEGOEaster contest.

– Brett

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    • brett_wilson

      Thanks Wendy. It’s always cool to get the email from LEGOLAND asking to participate again. And the idea that somewhere, my photo might be hanging on a Star Wars fan’s wall is also pretty cool. 😀

  1. Shelly Corbett

    Congratulations Brett! This is an honor that is much deserved! I hope someday you can actually attend one of the LEGOLand Star Wars weekends. But until that happens, at least your work gets to have some fun!

    • brett_wilson

      I think LEGOLand find likely inclusions through social media platforms. That’s why I wrote about how putting yourself out there can pay off. Sure, recommendations play a role in getting invited, but having a strong photo gallery online can’t hurt!

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