In Honor of International Woman’s Day I want to take a moment to celebrate all the amazing women toy photographers I know. I realize that International Woman’s Day was created to commemorate the struggle for women’s rights, both social and political. Maybe toy photography doesn’t rate? But since this is a blog dedicated to talking about toy photography – today I will honor the women of toy photography.


I wrote about Women in Toy Photography back in 2015. This post caused some controversy. Some people thought I was asking for some sort of special treatment. That was never my intention. I don’t think that women who play with toys, collect toys, photograph toys or create toys, need a helping hand from anyone. They’re strong women creating amazing work that adds depth and variety to our community. But sometimes our voice gets lost in the sea of testosterone we swim in daily. I created the tag, #womenintoyphotography, as a way for women toy photographers to find each other.

On International Woman’s Day I want to take a moment to say thank you! Thank you to all the women willing to get out their toys and mix it up with the boys. Thank you for being a constant inspiration to me. And most importantly, thank you for your friendship.

If you’re not following any women toy photographers, today is a good day to change that. Today is also a good day to tell a female photographer how much you’re inspired by their work. Lets show all the women toy photographers how much we appreciate their contribution to our community.

In Honor of International Woman’s Day, let’s celebrate the diversity and creativity of all the women toy photographers!


What? You don’t know any women photographers! Here’s a partial list to get you started. 

KAlexanderson; WikitoyboxBrickandMordorConey_DoggHarleyQuinJenniferNicoleWellsPina.of.Brickland;, Miss_feklistaActionfigureworkoutIGypsyWomanlady.nightingalebuttsintheair; the_adventures_of_little_amystepping_on_bricksLizzyBelle9handstand30skizzophmissmindylouverboomwendyzenterofourbrickstallvera_senyutamrs.playwellMiaka21lynmillerlachman_thickasabrick_mad_phoenixgoggleboxJhoren_kei;  grownasswomenwithdinosaurskinda26pixel_bricksrachaels_toy_storiesniknoo1982sacha1982awesomealexis1mrsfunkopop; bckawaiilegobeckysandras4ndr4jvanholderminzoomsandi_geeshotbykristyswissgridpandamooniumcassrn530orokukaraifayegbdani_to_the_ellalynnetteredvng81tanya.darkodollpowerrygar32awesome_osomuertosdollsgimme_toysMonstresssby_a.n.n.a.; Vacapita; Tiedefendor31; Aizzatifs; Kittenvilla; amomonster; strawberryjamnila; snowywood; mumslego; verylittlething; walinda_718; nat_lil_piggy; truebricklove; theanatomyofacupcake; pook_ns; the_horror_victim; jessvero__; mybibie_b; ateensyspaceinhell; legosvelte; littlelegolove; lego.meets.cinema; miss_oneyes; gwendolynnewkirk; sermon; yulabeatrice; tmhawk24pixlilli; juldavs; marmotuca; and…

If you know anyone who should be on this list, please let me know. 

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