A challenge a day keeps the sickness away

This week I’ve been engrossed in “The Chronicles of Nausea”.

As you can imagine, when you’re captivated by such a literary chef-d’œuvre (don’t mention chef), your motivation, inspiration and appetite (literally) wane.

Today you’re gonna be sick, so sick
You’ll prop your forehead on the sink
X – Nausea

So, after Shelly filled in for my regular slot (thanks), I put my hand up to post a few days later than usual.

But, what?!

“When in doubt, my dear fellow, do nothing.”
Leo Tolstoy – War and Peace

Yeah right Leo, that’ll work!

I prefer the “When in doubt, you knucklehead, do LEGO” philosophy.

So, with a promise made as the haze of the abating illness still hovered, I grabbed a handful of random Minifigures. I say random, but they were on my “to do” shelf. The shelf I’ve set aside for Minifigures, LEGO and toys that have been neglected of late, haven’t yet been photographed, are there as a workshop of ideas, or are there just to taunt and challenge me. A casting couch, if you will.

Waiting at the Bussk Stop

Waiting at the Bussk Stop

Could I photograph this snatched plastic in a way that would live up to my “all” mantra? Is it possible to grab, plan, shoot and end up with a succinct story in such a short time? Do “good” photos need “good” time to develop?

Well, there’s nothing like a challenge and a deadline to sweat out the remains of a virus.

There goes sickness
In my daddy’s car
Good riddance to the both of you
I hope you go far
Mudhoney – Here Comes Sickness

Less is more?

I can’t say if these few shots that I took live up to my expectations. Maybe because I had none? But sometimes, I think the notion of “think less” and “do more” can result in some pleasantly surprising outcomes; outcomes that might never eventuate if there was more time to think and plan.

Radioactive treats

Radioactive treats

So, thanks to Shelly for filling in for me during my infected absence. Thanks to my “to do” shelf for helping me get this post done. And thanks to this post for helping me to mend.


Do you have a “to do” shelf or a casting couch for ideas, the neglected, or the ones that you think you should photograph? Is it a physical space, a list, or a mental note?

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