How do you stay creative in a world that feels like it’s falling apart? Maybe a better question is: how can you not stay creative?

It’s easy to be creative when there are no pressing world issues and your life is stress fee. Who hasn’t felt a sense of positivity and calm that makes it easy to be creative? I’m sure you’ve also experienced that it’s much harder to be inspired when you’re feeling stressed and are distracted by the large issues that dominate the news cycle. But did you know that you can actually combat stress by being creative?

Yup, by staying productive, by embracing your creative side, you can actually relieve stress. By engaging in creative work you can take your mind off what’s causing you to worry and help you focus on activities that bring you pleasure. This creativity can take the form of journaling, drawing and coloring, working with wood, gardening and especially toy photography.

The act of creating, of expressing yourself, can help to put the world in perspective.

So even though it seems counter productive, we here at The Toy Photographers Blog will continue to espouse our craft. We want to stimulate your creativity with interesting posts about the photographic process. We want to continue to inspire you to be your creative best.

I’m not saying that the images that I will be creating won’t be coming  from a darker place. How could they not? These darker images are a way for me to express my own fears and worries. I’ve promised myself that I will balance those darker images with images that are lighter. I play with LEGO, so it can’t ALL be doom and gloom!

Everything is better with friends!

It’s been two weeks since we entered Bizzaro World, but around here, for better or for worse, it will be business as usual. We will continue to be creative, we will continue to share our creative paths and we will ask you to share yours. No matter what the future holds, we can’t stop being creative.


How do you manage stress? Do you find that being creative helps you to channel your feelings?