What is photography to you?

What is photography? And why am I doing photography?

These are questions I come back to over and over again. When I look it up on wikipedia the definition says that photography is:

as a way of capturing light, to a light sensitive sensor“.

But that answer doesn’t capture what photography is for me.

For me photography is a way of living. I do photography just like I breath, eat or sleep. My photography makes me see, reflect, portray things that I wouldn’t have seen otherwise. It’s a medium that makes me reflect upon myself, my thoughts, my place in the world and the culture that is all around me. In many ways, my photography is a reflection of me. Most of my photographic work is for me, it gives me an oppertunity to reflect, obsess and dive in to things. But I share my work with the hope that people that see my work will also reflect upon the same issues that I do, at least for a second or two .

Photography is a way to play

To do photography also gives me an opportunity to play, experiment, explore and to find my limits.

-What do I dare?
-What is possible?
-What isn’t possible?
-What is me, and what isn’t me?
-What are the limits in how I portray my subject?

When I’m exploring these limits meeting with other photographers, and seeing them work, is important. In that meeting I can find inspiration; sometimes I get feedback and clues to what is possible. Often I can see what I like or do not like. I also get insight into if I’m on the right path or not.

I tell stories

My goal is to tell you stories through my photos. Stories about issues that are important to me, right here, right now. Much of my photographic work is a reflection my opinions, my worldview, my possibilities, my knowledge, my limitations and my light.

I’ve told you what photography is to me, now please tell me what photography is to you.


  1. Stefan K

    Sometimes it is a way to get a feeling out of my head. Sometimes it is a joke I must take a picture of. Sometimes it some beautyshot I wanna do. Sometimes I do it to escape. Escape from stress, escape from my own mind. Sometimes I wanna make a point about something.

    • Dearest Stefan – I just love your answer it’s so amazing and I have to agree on every point – photography can be all that and more – it can also be this – me talking to you saying thank you for being you! You are amazing, and I’m so blessed to have you in my network. The bigest hug from me to You. Kristina

  2. Shelly Corbett

    Kristina I admire your ability to tell stories. I wish that the stories I try to tell were more effective, more meaningful, more… But honestly photography to me is my release. It is my creative outlet that without it I would go crazy. It’s my journal, it’s my method of documenting my family, it’s how I relate to the world, it’s my favorite form of therapy. Taking away my camera would be akin to removing my right arm, it can’t be done. Photography is so much more than capturing light with a light sensor – it’s a way of experiencing (and coping) with the world. Thank you for bringing up such a great topic! xoxo

    • You are welcome 🙂 It’s something I use a lot of time to thing about over and over again. I kind of dwell on this question. For me photographs always has a story to tell. And there are different ways to tell stories no way is better – just different. Photography may be more then the light but it’s essential 😉 Thanks for sharing your thoughts Shelly

  3. Thank you sharing! Photography for me is about having fun. It’s fun to get out in the middle of nowhere and capture something that has never been seen before through new eyes. I like to see how folks view the world and for me photography is a way to not only share what I see but to help folks see a glimpse into how I view the world. I always stop for the photo op, because honestly I have passed it up before and I always regret it. Am I so busy that I can’t take a bit of time to stop for a sunset (or sunrise), stop for a moment to capture that moment? Am I too busy to have some fun? Do something enjoyable just because? I guess if I don’t have time for it then I’m doing something wrong. I make time for fun. I make time for photography. I make time to play with Lego. I make time to spend with my kiddos. I make time to stop off the freeway just before sunrise at some random no service exit – because the mountain is lit up pink. I’m in the shadow but not for long and the light is slowly warming – but I want a shot in that cold morning light. Do I have to be places? Yes. Can it wait? Probably not. But I stop anyway. Did it wait? Yes; and I get much better that I stopped. Enjoy the moment – they go too quickly.

    • Thank you Joseph and thanks for sharing! – I wish I did photography only for fun… but suddenly one day I woke up and realized I don’t only do this for fun… There is something else that drives me. And there it was- a story about me, my lost my sadness, my love, my childhood and that was not all fun… I wish I took more time to stop and take the photo-op that I see… but I usually don’t… I’ll take you words for it to become better ” I have to be places? Yes. Can it wait? Probably not. But I stop anyway. Did it wait? Yes; and I get much better that I stopped. Enjoy the moment – they go too quickly.” Kristina

  4. Tony Tulloch

    If I said there was something deep and meaningful about my photography I’d be fibbing (maybe there is and I am too blasé to notice). I don’t know if it is wrong or right, but I just do photography. If it appeals to me I’ll snap it, if it doesn’t I’ll pass it by. If I have an idea I will pursue it; if it fails I’ll generally not bother trying again.

    I work in a profession where risk is a daily challenge and I need to be on my mental metaphorical toes all day. That’s enough thinking for me. When I get a camera (I’m fortunate to own more than one) in my hand I’ll think about exposure, composition, and all that technical stuff. However, the art just sort of happens without me needing to conjure it. I don’t analyse the drivers behind it, I’m sure they’re there, but they are not that important to me.

    I think it’s really cool that others have deeply emotional, or even intensely cerebral connections with their art; it’s just that my approach is rather more instinctive than anything.

    I’m certainly enjoying these different perspectives on photography. Thanks Kristina.

  5. Thanks for sharing.
    To me it’s all about escaping reality. Clearing my mind thinking about things that are not as heavy as my day-job. And if a few people are entertained by what I do, it gives me an extra joy.
    It’s also about telling stories. Not only in the comic (which has some layers to me personally), but each of my photo’s tells a small story as part of a bigger picture, I’m always wondering were the minifigs in my photo came from and where they will be going next. Also, now that you got me thinking, I’ve build my own little phantasy world with recurring characters… and most of the inhabitants of my Legoworld have something of myself within them.
    Escape reality by using it, I guess.

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