I don’t think Google+ is dead and neither does Mashable!

I’ve been telling you that G+ is a great platform and now I have more proof! Today Mashable posted an article that featured our beloved Toy Community rather prominently. Rather than the usual ‘G+ is dead’ line that we’ve all grown so tired of, they mentioned all the great communities that use G+ to share information and photography. Including us!

Check out this awesome screen shot they used for the article.

Thank you Mashable for using this screen shot for our Toy Photographers Community on G+

A big thank you goes to my fellow community moderators: AliceinCleveland and Tony Tulloch. Without their enthusiasm, their willingness to share their thoughts and ideas – I don’t know if we would be were we are today. I also have to thank the many toy photographers who’ve made the leap from other platforms and are giving G+ a try. I know change isn’t easy, but you guys are true pioneers. Thank you all!

I would be remise without thanking the fine folks at G+. There have been so many changes in the last year, that it’s been difficult for many users. Through it all they’ve communicated extensivly while also encouraging and supporting the creators on G+. Yes, they’re one of the many great reasons that I love this platform. I feel we’re in a partnership to create meaningful content.

And finally, thank you Mashable for noticing that G+ isn’t dead.

I encourage you to check out our G+ Toy Photographers Community. And while you’re their, join our latest challenge: show us your favorite three images form 2016.

~ Shelly

I encourage you to give G+ a try. You can check out my previous post on G+ to help you get started. If you have any questions, we’re here to help. I hope to see a request from you soon asking to join our G+ Toy Photographers community! 


  1. I dip in and out of Google+ mostly just to checkout the toy photography. I really don’t use it often. Freaking Facebook captured all my friends and they refuse to go anywhere else. Annoying!

    Thankfully some folk still blog so I don’t have to rely solely on social media for content. 😀

    • Shelly Corbett

      What is it about FB? Its like some weird vortex that once you enter, you can’t leave? There is an amazing world out there once you leave that private garden. Thanks for stopping by G+ and checking out the community! We will be there and we will keep growing. And they said blogging was dead too! 🙂

  2. This is so great! Congrats to Shelly, Tony, and AliceinCleveland for making the G+ community such a wonderful place. I dove into using G+ frequently toward the end of last year, and absolutely love it. It’s far and away my favorite social network for posting my photographs and connecting with other photographers. I look forward to the community growing even more in 2017, and the partnership you guys have with Google. Only good things can come of it!

    • Shelly Corbett

      James, who would have thought that the platform that everyone had thought was dead would be the one that has so much to offer. I love the emphasis on Community and Collections. I think they make so much sense for people who like social media platforms, but maybe want to show different aspects of their personality. We are all quirky beasts and G+ allows each of us to fly our freak flags and not piss anyone off necessarily. Of course there is the added benefit that no one we know is on it! Thanks for being a fabulous member of the community – I always look forward to your posts! Shelly

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