Change is hard. Even though I knew Kristina’s last post was coming, it still broke my heart. I respect Kristina’s decision to go her own way, and I’m grateful she will continue our challenges, at least in the short term. I will confess there’ve been a few too many changes on the blog as of late; in fact that last few months have left me reeling.

This rollercoaster of change started last summer after I returned from my European adventures. Little did I know how much change the next six months would hold? I’m incredibly grateful to Kristina for stepping up to the plate and helping me to keep the energy up on the blog. I’m forever grateful for Mike for being the steady rock of sensibility and professionalism that he is. I’m grateful for Matt for stepping in and helping to fill the last few months with his amazing photography and his unique perspective on the toy photography world.

Change is hard, yet inevitable.

Personally I had no idea how controversial our decision to accept Lego’s offer to be a LUG would be. In my simply minded way, I figured we were already a promotional outlet for LEGO. So why not get a little exposure for doing what we were already doing naturally? I realize that in this day and age, when there are no real patrons, that having the support of a major corporation, is the closest I will ever come to any type of patronage. Kristina has made me see that this equation isn’t that simple. As I get sucked more and more into the world of LEGO I often wonder: how did I get here?

Before I begin to question myself too much I remember the “Power of Yes”. I’ve no idea what the future holds, but I do know that if we don’t say ‘yes’ sometimes, we’ll never find out where these opportunities might lead. Sure we could be headed off of a cliff, but I’m willing to take that chance. I have faith in myself, and this group, that we can build a parachute on our way down if we need to.

Change is hard but it’s the only constant.

Just when I seem to get my bearings, the landscape changes again. If you’ve been with following along for any length of time, you might have noticed the absence of Vesa from the blog except when we reference his work, or past posts. I’m pleased to announce that he will be joining us again as an active member starting this week. Because “Do. Or do not. There is no try.” After 900 years, Yoda seems to have learned a thing or two. We are all excited to have Vesa back from his book adventures. I can’t imagine what that rollercoaster ride must have been like, but I’m happy for him that it all ended well. The book is beautiful and a fitting tribute to his amazing photographic skills.

Change is hard but it’s also good.

Complacency is an easy trap to fall into. Change keeps us alert and ready for whatever is coming next. Our little blog will take another spin around the wheel, another trip around the sun, and we’ve no idea where we will end up. In the mean time we’re going to continue to pull from the resources of our core members and we’re going to continue to publish a variety of guest authors.

It breaks my heart to see Kristina go, but I respect her decision too much to do anything but let her leave gracefully. I’m more than grateful for the time and energy she’s devoted to the blog for the last six months. We were lucky to have her and wish her well on whatever path she chooses.

Thank you my friend!

~ Shelly

All I can say is: “Bring on the next photo challenge Kristina!”


I took this photo last fall with Kristina by my side. What a gift that week was