You’re invited to Seattle to attend the next epic toy photography meet-up from May 20-23! My good friend Jon (Dinoczars) and I will be hosting our second US Stuck in Plastic meet-up because like my favorite philosopher said:

“Is life not a thousand times too short for us to bore ourselves?”
― Friedrich Nietzsche

When I posted last fall asking for input to help choose between Chicago and Seattle for our next meet-up, it seemed that Chicago would be the winner. But when I factored in those who had changed their mind or those who were flexible , there was no clear winner, so I have decided to go with what I know. I would be pleased if you would join me and my co-host Jon, in Seattle from May 20-23, for a weekend filled with toy photography and related silliness. 

The weekend is already shaping up to be awesome; all the active members of Stuck in Plastic are currently planning on attending. Thank you Boris, Kristina, Mike and Matt for the effort! We have a few tentative ‘yeses’ from attendees of last years Las Vegas meet-up; krash_override, Lizzybelle9, Papajov, Dean80s and Coney-dogg for starters! These combined with our local talent (Wiiman, Bear_trap, Matt_burn, carteraug21, to name only a few!), I know that we’re going to have an amazing time. I can guarantee that you don’t want to be left watching this from your couch on Periscope.

When you participate in a hobby that takes place almost entirely on-line, the chance to interact in person is rare. Simply read the heart felt testimonials from Dinoczars about the Las Vegas  meet-up and Suppaduppa666 about his experience at the Stockholm gathering to get a sense of how special these events are.

Seattle offers a variety of tried and true photography locations from urban settings, to glorious mountain streams, a variety of lakes as well as the Puget Sound with both sandy and rocky beaches. I can also show you tangled swamps and forests filled with moss! All are perfect for macro toy photography. Besides all this toy photography goodness we’re planning a few social and educational events that may include a baseball game on Monday the 23th (optional), frisbee golf (also optional), a casting workshop, a lighting seminar, a print exchange, toy raffle and a trip to a local improve theatre (that’s for you Balakov!).

If any of this sounds interesting to you, please let me know in the comments, contact me via Instagram, or drop me an e-mail. This way I can keep you in the loop as our plans develop.

I do hope you will consider joining Jon and I, and more than a few like minded photographers, for this epic weekend of fun and silliness. We can even guarantee an interesting photo or two.

~ xxSJC

If you will be flying in, you won’t need to rent a car unless you want to; I have a plan to help everyone get around. Also if you would like to share a house with some of your toy photography brethren, let me know and I can help facilitate group housing in my neighborhood. This is a great way to keep costs down as well as create opportunities for more casual interactions.