Yesterday KAlexanderson mentioned that the best part of this week was our toy photography workshop and the opportunity to “meet other photographers, work together and share the fun of photographing toys.” Now imagine that experience for an entire week and you might get a sense of what I have been experiencing.

I knew when I met Kristina back in August that I had much to learn from her, but I really didn’t know what that was, only a sense of the possibilities. After spending countless hours talking shop, discussing the blog and photography as well as shooting together, I have an idea of what I can learn.

I will back up a little here and say that I am all about learning from my fellow photographers, everyone from those just starting out to those who have been shooting for years, I think my work can improve if I pay attention.

Kristina is a thoughtful photographer, she photographs with great intention; something I know I can be MUCH better at.  She also talks a lot about finding the common meaning in a group of photographs, what she refers to as the “red thread”. These are important concepts as a photographer to keep in mind if you are interested in creating a body of work that you would like to exhibit. I don’t know if they are as critical if you are looking to impress your friends and Instagram followers. But if you are like me, and want to take your work up a notch, these are important skills to master.

I have had the pleasure of showing Kristina my home, my city, the surrounding forests and coastal land where I often shoot; I have introduced her to my friends and shared a gallery with her; I now I have the privilege of calling her my friend and also one of my influencers.

Today we will have one last photo adventure and tomorrow I will send her back to her family. I will miss the camaraderie and the ability to talk shop in such depth with such a talented photographer. Our time together has been short, but the influence Kristina has had on my this week will last a life time.

~ xxSJC

Krisitina and I have talked a lot about the blog and how we can strengthen what we are already doing. If you have any comments about what you would like to see us tackle, we would love to hear it. We look forward to continuing to build this community together with your help and enthusiasm. 

Watermarked Photo (2015-11-09-1010)