The best part of this already amazing week was the opportunity to  meet other photographers, work together and share the fun of photographing toys. Yesterday Shelly and I hosted a toy photography workshop at the Bryan Ohno Gallery in Seattle with a group of curious photographers.

The setup for the workshop was simple: we started with a short introduction in which we talked about how and when we became toy-photographers and why lego is such a great toy to begin exploring toy-photography with. After that we talked about some of the “rules of photography” and shared some hints at how to make toys look more alive in front of your camera. After that brief introduction we had an hour of working together and were able to create some great toy shots. You can see a few of the awesome pictures that were taken at the workshop at the bottom of this post. We also want to thank Eva, Riley, Steve, Cameron, Gwen and Yuki for coming and making this workshop so much fun!

Shelly and Kristina are definitely looking forward to the next toy-photography workshop…

Here are some “from-behind-pictures” from the workshop

Pictures by the attending photographers