On friday evening I saw the opportunity to work in the golden hour, so after I finished my dinner, I took the camera bag and went out. Not far from my house is an abandoned railway track that I often use for my toy-photos. So with the camera bag in one hand and my toys in the other I went up to the tracks.

The light was perfect and I tried my first idea for a photo, it did’t work so I had to move and try once again, well aware of that fact that the light and time was working against me. Finally I got the toys in a position I wanted, and I laid down on the ground to adjust the camera. It was about then that I spotted the police car that seemed to slow down, and then I realized that it was going to stop on the road not far from me.

The first thought that came into my head was: I can outrun them.

And for a second or two I saw myself running dow the railway tracks with the police in my foot-steps. I realized that I would never make it and all I would look like was a fool. So I stayed and gave the shot a try.

The first police officer got out of the car and went up to me. ”Is everything ok?” I looked up and replied: “Yes, everything is ok.” He went on: “What are you doing lying on the tracks?” I hesitated and replied: “Just give me a minute and I’ll tell you. The sun will be gone in a minute or two, so let my try to make the shot, and then I’ll tell you. Is that ok?”

He looked a bit puzzled by my answer but waited. I gave the shot a try and once the sun had left I lifted my head and looked up at him and told him. I am shooting some toy-photographs and this is a perfect spot, especially for backlit shots and I showed him my toys standing on the track. He just replied: “Why?”

And I said: “Why not?” and then I told him the story about why I take photos of toys, and that I share them online. His colleague also got out of the car and walked up to us and when he saw the toys, his face cracked up in a smile.

Suddenly, as I was standing on an abandoned railway-track with two police officers, I realized no one will believe me. So I asked if I could take their picture to show my friends. And tell you the story about how my first embarrassing thought was:  I can outrun the police!

the police officers

the police officers

What’s your reaction when someone stops and asks what you are doing? Is you reaction to be proud and say it out loud: “I take pictures of Lego” like Shelly, or are you reaction like mine, can I make a run for it…

If you are like me, take my advise and do as I did when the police car stopped. Take a deep breath and remember that it’s only through meetings, we can get others to understand, why we do what we do.

My shot… became this one, with the police standing by my side 🙂