When I am taking photographs, I don’t know if it is the start of a new project or only a series of pictures. It all depends on different things, like how the idea works out, if and when I get inspired and my ability to stick to the idea. You probably recognize this.

When I’m in this position – looking for inspiration to start, I tend to find myself procrastinating waiting for the tricks that usually get me going and generally inspire me. Even though I believe that Mike is right, the more I photograph the more inspired I get.

Getting inspired is like magic and during the past days I have been thinking about when I am inspired. My inspiration seems to be connected to bad weather. When it’s raining I get an urge to go outside to play with the toys in the rain; I have a soft spot for puddles and raindrops. So if you see me all wet in a puddle, don’t be surprised.

During the winter it’s the snow and the frozen ground that sparks my inspiration and my makes me want to go outside to play. As much as I like to work in puddles, I like to work with frozen puddles. It’s magic when the reflection in the ice becomes like a cracked mirror. The snow and the rain has a way of getting me inspired, but that doesn’t really help me when I am at the starting point of a new project. Then I should stop procrastinate waiting for rainy days and start working on my idea instead, because if I do I’ll probably get more inspiration to get me going.

Where do you find your inspiration, and what gets you to start a new project?


Looking for inspiration [Jack is the work of the amazing @krash_override]