I have thought about this question for some days now after Shelly asked me if I would write a piece about “Why?” do I take toy photographs. So why do I do it?


I think it all started with me taking up my passion for photography. Everybody that knows me, knows that when I start with a project or I am passionated about something, there is nothing that can stop me; I get obsessed. And when I got introduced to the world of toy-photography I saw an opportunity to work with Still life as a genre in my photography. I have always had a soft spot for traditional still life, especially paintings with fruit on the table, flowers in a vase and so on. They tell stories in a way that is a kind of puzzle for the viewer. You have to have the keys to understand the symbolism in still life paintings, and that intrigues me.

But as a photographer I have a hard time telling stories with fruits or flowers so toys became my motives. With my plastic toys I can tell stories with my still life photography. With my plastic toys I can tell a story about myself, what I see and the ordinary life around me.

Why do you work with still life photography? And why do use toys?

~ Kristina