Hi, I’m David, from Barcelona and I’m writing my first post for Stuckinplastic, actually it’s my first post ever. It’s 1:30 A.M. and my family is sleeping right now while in the background Mark Dacascos is hitting people in his movie “Crying Freeman”.

Here we are at 32ºC, so sleeping can be a very difficult mission.
A few days ago, I saw in my timeline that my Facebook/Instagram buddy @East_Mountain (Chris Ostberg) had checked in for a  Facebook event organized by Stuckinplastic. I thought that was cool, Stuckinplastic people are always talking about interesting toy things and I try to read everything they upload. I decided to check in too so I would be aware of what was happening regarding this event. At that moment, the idea of flying to Sweden was far, far away, it didn’t exist.

That same night I was speaking with my wife about the event and I realized that going there was not a bad idea. I had heard of a previous meet-up in Las Vegas, Nevada which sounded cool too, but impossible due to the distance. This time it was in Europe, during my holidays and just a few hours away by plane. I’m not sure at all of who is coming to the meet-up but I’ve read some names and I love the pictures of them all; I have learned lots of things from them. The idea of meeting these photographers, sharing time and talking photography, toys and the things we do, sounds great.

I have been collecting toys since I was a kid; I never stopped collecting them.  I have  been a toy photographer since 2009 more or less, first with an iPhone 3G and now with better cameras and better techniques. Why do I tell you this now? Because in all those years, I have only met a few toy photographers, and talking about toys with adults is not something that happens very often. So this idea of traveling to Stockholm where some interesting toy photographers will gather to make whatever together, sounds very attractive to me.

I have read that there’s going to be a walk (One walk? Two walks? 4.30 A.M. ??? I’m really not sure!) with toys and cameras through some inspiring places, places that for me will be completely new and different from the Mediterranean shores I am used to.

I don’t even know if I can call myself a photographer, I just use my camera to make illustrations, images that work for me, images I can edit in my computer, but if I am a photographer I would say that I’m more of an “indoor photographer”. Even so, sometimes I take my camera and try outdoor photos. I love when other toy photographers are able to capture the magic of the moments and the places they visit with their toys and cameras. I try it sometimes too, and I am looking forward to learning lots of photography tips from my fellow adventurers on these walks.


I have read that we are going to shoot in a Studio (with fire!) and edit some pics in the middle of the night. So at night, in Sweden, in a castle with crazy people, closed in a studio shooting (with fire!!!!) and editing pics…sounds cool too!

So I asked @East-Mountain if he was absolutely attending, he said yes. Then I chatted with Shelly who chatted with Boris and they made it sound so easy. So I booked my flights and started thinking about which toys will be coming with me and my GF-1 to Vaxholm.


Now you have a Spanish toy lover who is going to fly 2700km with his particular English accent to meet some of the people he has been talking with on social media for years and shoot some pics with them and share a barbecue and some water taxis…

Doesn’t it sound like the coolest end of summer possible?

~ Suppaduppa